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Welcome to Delaware Highways @ AARoads! This page is intended to give an overview of the Delaware state highway system. Included are photos, commentary, descriptions, and other information pertaining to the roads of the First State. Having spent 20 plus years as a Delawarean, my passion for Delaware roads and their exploration/coverage is unwavering.

A doubling of the state population since 1970 brings the total to 786,189 as of the 2000 census. This explosive growth mandates highway expansion and new roadways. In that time period, Interstate 95 expands from six to eight lanes, tolls for the Delaware Turnpike interchanges are removed, and the completed 53-mile SR 1 Turnpike now travels between Dover and the Wilmington metropolitan area. These are but a few of the many changes in the state during the last 35 years.

Additionally a 2020 population projection of 945,349 Delawareans will bring new pressures and potential highway expansion to the Small Wonder. The current mean travel time to work in the state of Delaware is 24.0 minutes. These parameters set the tone for the future of the Delaware highway network. Some such projects include the rebuilding of Interstate 95 interchanges, potential upgrading of Delaware 1 south of Milford to limited access standards, and redesign of the U.S. 40 to include service roads and offer better access control. Delaware Highways @ AAroads attempts to bring these concepts to the fold, with links when applicable.

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