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Author Topic: Florida  (Read 625706 times)


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Re: Florida
« Reply #2275 on: March 16, 2017, 08:02:21 PM »

What is the point of connecting Nob Hill Rd to Loxahatchee Rd?  Are there now plans to develop every square inch of property that is not in the conservation areas of Broward County?

From the looks of it, yeah. That land was transferred from Palm Beach to Broward and they're developing the hell out of it.

I don't think Atlantic Boulevard was ever signed as SR 814 west of US 441, except for the exit signs on Sawgrass Expressway. Recently, the portion east of FL 849, east to A1A was transferred to county maintenance, which has a lot of traffic...seems to be an odd dropping of SR mileage. The straight-line diagram removes the mileage, but the FDOT Key Sheet keeps some of it.

And yet, SR 849 still exists. There's been a Turnpike exit at Atlantic Boulevard since 1994, so I don't get the purpose of keeping that on the system; maybe because it's within unincorporated Pompano Beach?

The straight-line diagram you're referencing only displays the "new" leg of SR 814. The rest of Atlantic Blvd is counted on the old SR 814 mileage sheet, which consists of current CR 912/SR 849/SR 814 east of 849. SR 814 east of Blanche Ely Ave was transferred to city maintenance. They're still keeping the SR 814 signs in place.

The Turnpike exit at Atlantic is a north exit/south entrance only interchange, while the one on SR 849/CR 912 is full access, so I'm more surprised to see Atlantic between SR 849 and US 441 still on the system when it feels like CR 912 should be on the SHS instead.
When did the land swap between Broward and Palm Beach county occur?  Is CR 912 signed at all anywhere?


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Re: Florida
« Reply #2276 on: March 17, 2017, 08:26:35 PM »

When did the land swap between Broward and Palm Beach county occur?  Is CR 912 signed at all anywhere?

2009, I think.

I don't think CR 912 was ever signed; I want to say they appeared on overheads at US 441, but that was 20-25 years ago. Couldn't have been posted for long, as it was formerly SR 814 until the early-1980s. (There was a brown US 441 sign there until 2004 or so.) The road is a bit narrow, anyhow.

In other useless news, SR 845 has an END sign at SR 808. Usually, END signs aren't very common in the South Florida area, due to relinquished sections and additions that would usually just confuse drivers. 

Edit: miscellaneous updates

- "TOLL" milemarkers on FL 869 up to Powerline Road. This includes the section from SR 849 845 to the Turnpike, which has stoplights along it.

- I-75 North bottlenecks from Turnpike/SR 44 to a point just north of Ocala. Spring Break traffic is no joke.

- Sample Road west of SR 817 is down to one lane in each direction due to median construction and what looks like utility repairs/modification.

- Spotted a blue US 90 shield in great shape and a few keys shields I'd never noticed before, but was driving with kids...no pics.
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Re: Florida
« Reply #2277 on: March 20, 2017, 10:33:41 PM »

Hey, I have to bring this up;

Whenever I take road trips from Florida to New York and back, I always cut through Ocala. And when I come back, I always go west on FL 40 which almost always occurs at night. And no matter what time of the year I make these road trips, there are always these huge parties in the Historic Downtown District, east of US 27-301-441. Does anyone else have any information on them?



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Re: Florida
« Reply #2278 on: March 22, 2017, 03:53:50 AM »

- "TOLL" milemarkers on FL 869 up to Powerline Road. This includes the section from SR 849 to the Turnpike, which has stoplights along it.

Does FTE maintain that stretch of road in addition to the expressway? That's the situation with SR 924 in Dade County where MDX maintains a stretch of conventional highway on Gratigny Road from the last expressway interchange all the way up to SR 9.


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