Number of pages converted
Remaining html pages

We are steadily making progress with the site wide conversion for the remaining html pages. The bulk of what remains is in California, and the Westerns states in general, in addition to 200 plus pages on SouthEastRoads.com. It will be some time before we can get through them all, and in the meantime we will mix in some new content or updates to existing WP-based guides.

I am happy to write that we are nearly complete with switching the city/area pages over to WP. Many of these pages were originally compiled during the early years of the site. We made revisions or updates on some of these guides, while in an effort to expedite the conversion, others remain mostly unchanged.

One page I overhauled was the Outer Banks Roads guide, which I originally wrote in 2001 or 2002. I added a number of historical map scans, rewrote the entire page, and updated it to reflect the Future I-87 corridor. Will try to add more map scans in the coming weeks in addition to regular content additions.