Former California 30

A temporary reassurance shield for Calfiornia 30 east proceded the temporary entrance to the California 210 freeway, prior to the completion of the freeway through Rialto and western San Bernardino near Muscoy. Photo taken 11/14/04.

Former California 30 used to begin at Interstate 210 at the Glendora Curve interchange (located partially in Glendora and partially in San Dimas) and followed Base Line Road through San Dimas, La Verne, and Claremont, turned north along Mountain Avenue in Upland, turned east again along 19th Street in Upland, and became Highland Avenue in Rancho Cucamonga. California 30 continued east along Highland Avenue from Rancho Cucamonga through Fontana and Rialto before reconnecting with California 259 (where California 30 Business continues east through San Bernardino).

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California 30 east
Prior to completion of the California 210 freeway, eastbound California 30 approaches Lilac Avenue after the Cactus Avenue interchange. This portion of California 30 is not continuous with modern California 210, as the freeway was built almost on top of Highland Avenue through northern Rialto. Photo taken 11/14/04.
Eastbound California 30 approaches Riverside Avenue. An interchange with California 210 is now located here, and this area no longer looks like this due to construction. Photo taken 11/14/04.
California 30 carried four lanes after the Riverside Avenue interchange. This section of California 30 still exists and is in use today. Use California 210 to Exit 71 (Riverside Avenue), take Riverside Avenue south to Easton Street, and turn east on Easton Street. After crossing California 210 freeway, Easton Street changes into this section of Highland Avenue expressway. Photo taken 11/14/04.
Leaving Rialto, eastbound California 30 enters the city of San Bernardino. The expressway carries four lanes over the Lytle Creek Wash. The railroad bridge in the distance (built in 1965) has provisions for the railroad to pass over California 30, California 210, and the creek. Photo taken 11/14/04.
California 30 passes under the Union Pacific Railroad. This bridge, built in 1965, was painted back when the Southern Pacific was an extant railroad company before being absorbed into the Union Pacific Railroad empire. Photo taken 11/14/04.
Eastbound California 30/Highland Avenue meets Macy Street north through Muscoy to Ogden Street and U.S. 66-91-395/Cajon Boulevard. Photo taken 11/14/04.
California 30/Highland Avenue meets University Parkway (State Street), then intersects California Street at this traffic signal shortly thereafter. Photo taken 11/14/04.
A trailblazer for California 30 east used to be posted after California Street; this route marker has since been removed. Photo taken 11/14/04.
California 30 used to transition from Highland Avenue onto the freeway at this point. Today, there is no access to the freeway at this point; all access is via State Street and University Parkway. This portion of California 30 might be part of California 30 Business given the elimination of this interchange. Continue straight ahead here for California 30 Business (Highland Avenue) east to San Bernardino. Photo taken 11/14/04.
California 210 - Foothill Freeway (former California 30) east
Upon making the turn off of Highland Avenue, a Temporary California 30 east reassurance shield used to be posted here. Today, now that there is no access between California 210 and Highland Avenue, this segment is part of California 210 freeway. Photo taken 11/14/04.
Eastbound California 30 approaches an interchange with Interstate 215 north to Barstow. This area is under construction (2009-2010) to add missing connections to this interchange. All signage here has changed too (see California 210 east through San Bernardino). Photo taken 11/14/04.
The right lane of California 30 becomes exit only for Interstate 215 north to Barstow. Photo taken 11/14/04.
Eastbound California 30 meets the off-ramp to Interstate 215 north. This sign has been replaced, and the interchange has been split into a collector distributor lane configuration on California 210 east. Photo taken 11/14/04.

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