California 35

California 35 is Skyline Boulevard, which starts at California 17 near the Santa Cruz-Santa Clara County and continues north along the crest of the Santa Cruz Mountains in a northwesterly trajectory until it reaches the San Francisco Watershed unit of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area near the Crystal Springs Reservoirs. From there, California 35, merges onto California 92 and Interstate 280 northbound, then reaches the Pacific Coast. Once in the city of San Francisco, California 35 turns east to meet its end at California 1 (19th Avenue).

California 35 north
California 35 at California 9. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (Summer 2002).
Southbound California 35 approaching California 9. This signage indicates that the scenic highway ends, but it is unclear if the sign was intended to indicate that California 35 also ends at this intersection. Most maps show California 35 continuing southeast all the way to California 17 at the Summit Road interchange, but this sign is confusing because Caltrans normally does not place a reassurance shield ahead of an intersection like this unless it is signaling the end of the state route. More exploration of this area is required! Photos taken 12/27/01.

Northbound California 35 after California 9. These photos show the first reassurance shield as well as the begin scenic route. Photo taken 12/27/01.
California 35 south
Southbound California 35 approaches its intersection with California 9. Photo taken 12/27/01.
California 35 scenes
This sign is posted on California 35 at its junction with California 84. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (Summer 2002).
California 35 scenic route signage. Photo taken by Trevor Carrier (Summer 2002).

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