California 151

California 151 connects Interstate 5 with the Shasta Dam, which holds back the Sacramento River to form Shasta Lake. On a clear day, motorists may be treated to views of Mount Shasta as well as the lake.

California 151 east
Begin Eastbound California 151 leaving the Shasta Dam parking lot. Photo taken 01/20/03.
Eastbound California 151 immediately after its junction with Shasta County A-18, just prior to meeting Interstate 5 and its eastern terminus. Photo taken 01/20/03.
California 151 west
California 151 begins its northwesterly journey at its junction with Interstate 5 just north of Redding. The highway is signed east-west, even though it turns north to reach the dam. Photo taken 01/20/03.
California 151 is a short route that connects Interstate 5 with Shasta Lake (artificial lake created by the damming of the Sacramento River) north of Redding. This picture shows westbound California 151 after Lake Boulevard, four miles east of the dam. Most of California 151 from this spot rises in elevation as it approaches the dam itself. Photo taken by Dominic Ielati (10/01).

Westbound California 151 approaching a parking area with a view of Shasta Lake. The semi-truck was turning into the parking area to the left of the highway. Photo taken 01/20/03.
California 151 provides teasing views of the lake, dam, and mountains as it passes over a ridge and then descends to the parking area near the dam. Photo taken 01/20/03.
Although unsigned, California 151 comes to its end at the Shasta Lake dam visitors center parking lot. Photo taken 01/20/03.
California 151 Scenes: Views of Shasta Lake and Shasta Dam
This sign, located at the parking lot, directs visitors to the information center, and the magnificent background of the lake and mountains add to the scenic beauty of this spot. Photo taken 01/20/03.
This view of Shasta Lake is afforded from the parking lot near the dam visitors center. Photo taken 01/20/03.
Shasta Dam holds back the Sacramento River to form Shasta Lake, a source of water for agricultural irrigation and urban centers. The water is also used to produce hydroelectricity as it cascades through power-producing turbines back into the river. Mount Shasta, one of two volcanoes in northern California, looms in the background, its white peak dominating the skyline. Photos taken 01/20/03.

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