California 247

This view looks south along California 247 as it passes through the Stoddard Valley and ascends toward the Stoddard Ridge and Ord Mountains in the Mojave Desert southeast of Barstow. Photo taken 06/27/09.

California 247 skirts the eastern edge of the San Bernardino Mountains by connecting Yucca Valley with Barstow via Lucerne Valley. Much of California 247 passes through the Mojave Desert and stays away from populated areas.

California 247 north
A large portion of northbound California 247 between California 62 and California 18 has a daytime headlights requirement, as shown by this sign. This is to enhance visibility of oncoming traffic along the narrow, two-lane highway. Photo taken 11/00.
This California 247 shield is situated next to a Joshua Tree, a plant common to this area of the desert. Joshua Tree National Park, in fact, is located southeast of the location of this sign. Photos taken 11/00.
California 247 does not actually meet California 18 in Lucerne Valley. Instead, they are connected by a short connector route as shown by the "to" banner on the signage here, which is along northbound California 247 in Lucerne Valley. The average map makes it appear that these two highways intersect, when in reality they don't quite get that close. Photo taken 11/00.
Barstow Road south
Barstow Road begins as a city-maintained street in downtown Barstow. It travels south through the city toward the Interstate 15 interchange. Photo taken 03/15/09.
Prior to the intersection with Virginia Way is this unusual trailblazer for the Interstate 15 freeway. Rather than using an Interstate 15 shield, the "to" banner is attached a "freeway" sign. Photo taken 03/15/09.

At the top of the hill, southbound Barstow Road meets Interstate 15. This interchange also marks the northern terminus of California 247. Turn right to Interstate 15 south to San Bernardino and Los Angeles, with a connection to California 58 west to Bakersfield. Turn left to follow Interstate 15 north to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, with a connection to Interstate 40 east to Flagstaff and Albuquerque. Photo taken 03/15/09.
California 247 south
California 247/Barstow Road crosses over Interstate 15 on this bridge. Photo taken 03/15/09.
Turn right here to connect from California 247 south to Interstate 15 north to Las Vegas and Interstate 40 east to Needles. Note the use of control cities with the omission of route markers. A loop ramp connects Barstow Road south with the northbound freeway. Photos taken 06/27/09 and 03/15/09.
A freeway entrance shield for Interstate 15 south is posted at the on-ramp to the freeway. An Interstate 40 shield would be appropriate. Photo taken 03/15/09.
Leaving the interchange with Interstate 15 on Barstow Road south, we find the first southbound reassurance shield for California 247. From here, California 247 will proceed southeast and then south toward Lucerne Valley. Photo taken 06/27/09.
California 247/Barstow Road passes through a residential area; note the palm-lined median. Photo taken 06/27/09.
Southbound California 247/Barstow Road meets Rimrock Road at this traffic signal. Photo taken 06/27/09.
A California 247 south reassurance shield is posted shortly thereafter. Photo taken 06/27/09.
Climbing uphill, California 247 retains five lanes to the top of the grade. Photo taken 06/27/09.
Southbound California 247/Barstow Road approaches the turnoff to a Mojave National Preserve visitors center. The sprawling national preserve covers a significant portion of the Mojave Desert within California, mostly bounded by Interstate 15, the California-Nevada state line, and Interstate 40. Across the street on the right side of California 247 is Barstow Community College. Photo taken 06/27/09.
Turn right on Veterans Parkway to the Veterans Home of Barstow. Ahead, California 247 narrows to two lanes and will quickly leave the urban area. Photo taken 06/27/09.
California 247 narrows to two lanes after the Veterans Parkway intersection. Photo taken 06/27/09.
After passing under the power lines, nothing but scenic, undeveloped desert lies ahead for several miles along California 247 south. The power lines mark the southern city limits of Barstow. This is the last call for motorist services before many miles of undeveloped desert lands. Photo taken 06/27/09.
This series of pictures follows California 247 south as it travels from Barstow through the Mojave Desert. The two-lane highway narrows significantly from what was seen in Barstow, and the shoulders are soft. The highway ascends to the Daggett Ridge, then descends toward Stoddard Valley. Photos taken 06/27/09.
Southeast of Barstow near the Slash X Cafe, California 247 passes under several powerlines, including a portion of Path 46 (West of Colorado River) from the vicinity of Hoover Dam and Path 27 (High Voltage Direct Current) bringing power from Delta, Utah. These four lines form a group of power lines that stay together between Adelanto-Victorville and the McCullough substation near Boulder City, Nevada. The three alternating current (AC) lines are 287kV, 500kV, and 500kV. The HVDC line is at +/-500kV. The first two lines are the two 500kV Los Angeles Department of Water and Power's McCullough - Victorville transmission line (part of Path 46/West of Colorado River, Arizona-California West-of-the-River Path [WOR]. The third line is the 287kV Hoover - Victorville line. The last tower of the four is Path 27, the ±500kV Intermountain High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) transmission line leading from Delta, Utah. Photos taken 06/27/09.
California 247 proceeds south across the wide expanse of Stoddard Valley. In the distance, the road aims straight as an arrow, yet gradually gains elevation as it proceeds toward the Stoddard Ridge and Ord Mountains. Photos taken 06/27/09.
Leaving the Stoddard Valley, California 247 ascends to an elevation of 4,148 feet at the summit along the western edge of the Stoddard Ridge and eastern edge of the Ord Mountains. The highway sees a few curves along this stretch. Photos taken 06/27/09.
Continuing south, California 247 begins a steep descent from the Stoddard Ridge into the Lucerne Valley. The highway swings toward the southwest, then turns south again. Photos taken 06/27/09.
Against the backdrop of the San Bernardino Mountains, another set of Path 46 (West of Colorado River) power lines pass over California 246. These lines, which connect power generating stations along the Colorado River and points east, connect to the Southern California Edison electric grid at the Lugo substation in Hesperia. Two lines are 500kV, while the third line is 220kV. Photos taken 06/27/09.
Reaching the floor of Lucerne Valley, California 247 proceeds southeast and then south toward the unincorporated community of Lucerne Valley. The state route travels across the Lucerne Dry Lake, which is evident by the sudden lack of foliage and ample dry caked mud on both sides of the road. Photos taken 06/27/09.
Power poles, fences and ranch houses appear along SR 247 as it gradually enters the community of Lucerne Valley. Isolated from the more populated corridor along Interstate 15, Lucerne Valley is located south of the Stoddard Ridge and Ord Mountains, east of the Victor Valley and Apple Valley, north of the San Bernardino Mountains, and west of the Johnson Valley. Photos taken 06/27/09.
Immediately after entering the community of Lucerne Valley, southbound California 247 approaches an intersection with Old Wooman Springs Road, which also serves as its link with California 18. Even though they get within several hundred yards from each other, California 247 does not directly intersect with California 18. Instead, California 247 has two spurs to link it with California 18. At the stop sign, turn left for the continuation of California 247 southeast along Old Woman Springs Road toward Landers and Yucca Valley. Continue straight ahead for California 18 south to Big Bear Lake or turn right for California 18 west to Apple Valley and Victorville. Near this intersection is "Cafe 247," which uses a California 247 route marker as part of its restaurant sign. Photos taken 06/27/09.
After turning left (east) onto Old Woman Springs Road in Lucerne Valley, California 247 aims southeast to skirt around the San Bernardino Mountains and proceed toward Landers and Yucca Valley. California 247 ultimately links with California 62 in Yucca Valley; California 62 proceeds south to Palm Springs or east to 29 Palms. Photos taken 06/27/09.
Southbound California 247 ends at its junction with California 62 in Yucca Valley. As seen on this sign, the junction of California 62 and Interstate 10 is only 22 miles southwest of this intersection. An equal distance east is 29 Palms, and there are no services on California 62 east of 29 Palms until Vidal Junction (U.S. 95). Evidence of a U.S. 60 shield still remains on this old sign, which dates to the 1960s. An end California 247 shield assembly is found below the mileage sign. Photos taken 11/11/00 and 11/11/08.
Westbound Old Woman Springs Road leaves the intersection with California 247/Barstow Road and proceeds east through the unincorporated community of Lucerne Valley before meeting California 18. At the stop sign, turn left for California 18 south to Big Bear Lake or turn right for California 18 west to Apple Valley and Victorville. Photo taken 06/27/09.
This series of pictures follows the spur that connects California 247 south with California 18 south. The two-lane highway continues as Barstow Road between Old Woman Springs Road and California 18 without any official numerical designation. At the stop sign, turn left for California 18 south to Big Bear Lake or turn right for California 18 west to Apple Valley and Victorville. Photos taken 06/27/09.

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