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The Ghostbuster:
We'll have to wait until the next sign replacement project for mileage-based exit numbers to be implemented, which has been projected to occur sometime between 2030 and 2035. As an alternative, they could do what New Hampshire's governor is doing and constantly refuse funding for a mileage-based exit conversion. Of course, Scott's and Sununu's successors could be just as opposed to mileage-based exits as they are, and then we'll be back to square one on the matter.

Discussed several times ad nauseum upthread.  Starting to beat a dead horse at this point.

The Ghostbuster:
Sorry. This is the last time I will mention it. I promise.

^ Was referring more to roadman's bringing it back up.  From what I've read, you're not wrong on the 2030 date.  There's a member of one of the Facebook groups who has done consulting for VTrans who has repeatedly mentioned 2030 as the year Vermont will fully convert over.

All I stated was my opinion on it. Not to lecture VTrans on their being odd, is like telling NJ to stop full serve gas.

I do think it’s cheesy and if it’s that, it’s that.


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