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This forum adheres to every code regulation, I updated it recently. There's a slight error that I'm working on fixing that is probably the reason for the text misalignment.

It isn`t the error your thinking of. In the theme coding, it lists all of the browsers that are compatible with the theme, since no SMF version is meant for IE 8 your going to have to wait until 1.1.9 for it to be fixed properly.

I thought 1.1.8 was...

Well it is actually the theme files, if someone uses the 1.1.7 theme files to make a new theme then it is only compatible with browsers compatible with 1.1.7. If someone uses the 1.1.8 theme files then the theme is compatible with all of the compatible browsers of 1.1.8.

Not too sure what the new theme is for though, guessing that it is probably 1.1.7 because most themes are.

Crazy Volvo Guy:
It's not that this site is incompatible with IE8, more accurately it's that IE8 is incompatible with most of the Internet.

Microsoft FTW  :rolleyes:


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