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2024 National Road Meet - New Orleans, LA (February 17-18, 2024)

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Let's have a "National" Meet in 2024! And let's have it in southeast Louisiana, centered around the New Orleans metro area. New Orleans is a city full of highlights in the areas of roads, bridges, urban planning, and architecture, in addition to the numerous flood control structures and landmarks that help keep the city dry. Culturally, it’s one of the most diverse cities in North America and its mix of Caribbean, African, and European influences have resulted in a jazz music and cuisine scene that is world-renowned and unlike anything found anywhere else on our continent.

The timing of this Meet is advantageous for multiple reasons. The placement of this Meet on the Presidents’ Day weekend will potentially allow for an extra travel day/holiday for folks looking to make the trip. Of potential interest to some of you, Mardi Gras will fall on February 13, 2024, which is a few days before Meet Weekend. This will allow any of you who may be interested in experiencing the end of the “Carnival”  period in town to do so without extending your stay in the area beyond a week. Finally, this Meet will be taking place around the 25th anniversary of the 1st official/documented road meet, which was held in February 1999. As part of this particular event, I’d like for this to also double as a celebration of our shared history as a community as we commemorate the Meets of the past while looking ahead at what’s to come.

Whether you pass through southeast Louisiana on a regular basis or you’ve never been here before, this region has an impressive amount to see & experience and it’s certainly worth the trip out this way to hang out with your favorite fellow road enthusiasts & content creators and make a mini-vacation out of it all if you choose. As has been the case with past National Meets, you will have the choice of attending either both or one of the two days of tours/gatherings but no matter what you decide, I hope you enjoy your visit and have a memorable experience!

Day 1 (2/17/24) Meet Itinerary:
10:00 AM - Coffee/"Meet & Greet" @ Cafe du Monde, 4700 Veterans Blvd, Metairie, LA 70002
10:45 AM - Relocate all vehicles to Target parking lot, a short distance east on Veterans across from Clearview Pkwy
11:00 AM - Commence Day 1 driving tour from the Target parking lot
Meet Lunch/"Half Time" @ East Seafood and/or Bullard Seafood & Grill, 7025 Bullard Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70128 (***This stop will be included in the driving tour notes/itinerary***)
Optional Post-Meet Dinner @ Middendorf's, 30160 Old US 51, Akers, LA 70421

Day 1 (2/17/24) Meet Highlights: City of New Orleans & the western suburbs (subject to change/elaboration/clarification)

Greater New Orleans Roads:
New Orleans Expressways: Pontchartrain, Claiborne, I-610
New Orleans U.S. Highways: National southern terminus of US 61 (and nearby historic termini of US 51, 65, and 11)
Earhart Expressway and Boulevard
Interstate 10/New Orleans International Airport Flyover project
Interstate 10/Loyola Ave Diverging Diamond Interchange project - Louisiana's 1st DDI!
Bridges of the Industrial Canal: St. Claude Av, Claiborne Av, Florida Av, Danziger, High Rise, Seabrook

Other Locations & Landmarks:
Hurricane Katrina landmarks and points of interest: Abandoned Jazzland site in New Orleans East, the Flooded House Museum & London Avenue Canal Exhibit
Abandoned roadways & frontage roads of New Orleans East (Dwyer Road, et. al.)
The Fats Domino House and the Lower 9th Ward
Site of Sea Saint Studios in Gentilly (where Paul McCartney's "Venus & Mars" album was recorded in 1975)

Day 2 (2/18/24) Meet Itinerary:
10:00 AM - PRE-MEET EVENT: Crescent City Connection HOV Lanes Driving Tour (bring your own coffee!)
11:00 AM - Lunch @ Dickey's Barbeque Pit, 91 Westbank Expressway, Gretna, LA 70053
Optional Post-Meet Dinner @ Zydeco's, 7010 Belle Chasse Highway, Belle Chasse, LA 70037

Day 2 (2/18/24) Meet Highlights: Westbank suburbs & the downriver parishes (subject to change/elaboration/clarification)

- Bridges of the Mississippi River: Crescent City Connection, Huey P. Long
- Westbank Expressway and the Harvey Tunnel
- Belle Chasse Tunnel and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway Bridge project
- Woodland Bridge and Gen. DeGaulle Drive
- LAPALCO Boulevard and Harvey Canal Drawbridge
- Crescent City Connection HOV lanes
- Lafitte-Larose Highway fragment and the Bayou Barataria/Intracoastal Waterway Bridge

DAY 1 Facebook Event Page:

DAY 2 Facebook Event Page:

Road Meet Itineraries are available now at the links below:

Day 1 - February 17

Day 1 Full Version:

Day 1 Printer-Friendly Version:

Day 2 - February 18

Pre-Meet Tour Full Version:

Pre-Meet Tour Printer-Friendly Version:

Day 2 Full Version:

Day 2 Printer-Friendly Version:



Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Works with a birthday party I'll be attending outside of Baton Rouge on the 13th.

Great Lakes Roads:
I am very interested (partly because my dad's birthday is in February lol)...


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