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Highways that BARELY enter or miss a county

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I know a lot of folks here use mob-rule to track visited counties, so you may have seen this page, which lists some common questions and answers as to whether or not certain routes enter certain counties. It's far from exhaustive, though, so I thought this could be a place to add to this list with some you've encountered that aren't listed, or otherwise obscure examples that you know of. Inspiration for this was two-fold: the thread about routes with multiple crossings of the same county line, plus an obscure county entry that I discovered this weekend (more on that below).

Generally, a route should be within a county's borders for five miles or less to qualify. If it's much longer than that, it should be pretty obvious from a map that it enters the county, unless it straddles the county line or has some otherwise unusual context (in which case, please note it as such!). And please, limit this to state routes/US routes/interstates! Lower tiered roads, such as county roads, aren't in the TM system and are unlikely to be used on road trips, so they aren't relevant here.

My first two entries for NY:

1. Does NY 21 enter Yates County?
Yes. When I encountered an Ontario County line sign approaching Naples on NY 21 southbound, I did a double-take. Wasn't I already in Ontario County? No, it turns out that NY 21 passes through the corner of Yates County for about 0.7 miles, so you'll pick up a bonus county if you're following NY 21 between Naples and points north (a great drive for fall foliage, I might add).

2. Does NY 30 enter St. Lawrence County?
Yes. Short and sweet, NY 30 is only in St. Lawrence County for about 0.6 miles, but contains its junction with NY 421, arguably NY's most isolated state route, and some great scenic views at nearby Bog River Falls. It would be strange to clinch NY's largest county via the this short and isolated stretch of NY 30, but it is certainly in play.

VA-231 cuts through the northwest corner of Louisa County for approximately 0.2 of a mile. North of that segment, it's in Orange County; south of that segment, it's in Albemarle County.

Something tells me we may have had a similar thread in the past, but I don't remember what the subject may have been. I'll try searching for my username and "Louisa County" because if we have discussed it, I would have mentioned that same stretch of road.

Edited to add—Not quite the same thing: "HIghway With the Shortest Trip Through a Jurisdiction" from 2021. So this thread is a little different in that it also asks about roads that just miss entering a jurisdiction.

I-84 very briefly crosses into Hampden County, MA in the town of Holland upon crossing in from Connecticut.

I-95 in Darlington County, SC


--- Quote from: webny99 on October 17, 2023, 10:12:23 AM ---Lower tiered roads, such as county roads, aren't in the TM system and are unlikely to be used on road trips, so they aren't relevant here.

--- End quote ---

I'm guessing not too many county roads go into another county. :)

For Colorado, not that many close calls. Off the top of my head:

1. Does CO46 enter Jefferson County? No. The county line is its official end.

2. Does CO103 enter Jefferson County? No. Clear Creek CR 151 is its official end.

3. Does CO317 enter Routt County? Yes. Routt CR 29 is its official end, about 1/8 of a mile from the county line.

4. Does CO394 enter Routt County? No. The county line is its official end.

5. Does CO112 enter Saguache County? Partially. The westbound lanes are in Saguache County.

6. Does CO150 enter Saguache County? No. The state highway ends at the National Monument border, despite what Google Maps says.

7. Does CO150 enter Costilla County? No. It misses it by less than ten feet.

8. Does CO17 enter Archuleta County? Yes. It clips the southeast corner for about 1/3 of a mile.

9. Does CO127 enter Larimer County? No. It misses by about 1/4 of a mile.

10. Does CO2 enter Arapahoe County? Partially. The northbound lanes enter the exclave of Glendale.

11. Does CO470 enter Arapahoe County? Yes. For about 1/3 of a mile.

12. Does CO121 enter Denver County? Yes. There are some funky border lines near Bow Mar.

13. Does CO96 enter Otero County? Yes. For about 400 feet.


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