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What segment of I-27 Ports-to-Plains corridor you’ll see worked on next?

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We all know the I-27/SL-335 project that’s a W.I.P. on the west side of Amarillo, but after that what do you think will be worked on next after? We all know the I-27/SL-335 project that’s a W.I.P. on the west side of Amarillo, but after that what do you’ll think will be done next after?

Everything else is either a 2-lane undivided road (south of San Angelo via US-277 and US-83) or is up to New Mexico. Either both into the far future and thus off the table.

I think the priority should be extending I-27 down to the Mexico border, at least to Del Rio if not down to Laredo. Obviously TX DOT cannot build all of it at once. So they need to take an approach similar to the US-277 4-lane upgrade project between Wichita Falls and Abilene. They built a series of bypasses at or near Interstate quality. The remaining segments between towns are standard 4-lane divided. The town of Anson still needs a bypass though.

Anyway, TX DOT needs to focus on building Interstate quality bypasses around towns like Lamesa and Sterling City as well as get the access problem solved in San Angelo. They can build I-27 into the Northern outskirts of San Angelo. But the point South of Humble Road down to the existing US-277 freeway is a tough gap to span. They may end up having to build a new highway parallel to the OC Fischer Dam. That will probably require some elevated bridge structures.

Of course, I'd like TX DOT to get some work done on US-87/287 North of Amarillo (since I use that highway on road trips to Colorado). But the greater need is going South of Lubbock.

Another Port-to-Plains thread?


--- Quote from: Rothman on December 04, 2023, 02:19:38 AM ---Another Port-to-Plains thread?

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That’ll be the last one from me until there’s actual progress, I promise you

TX really does have a lot on their plate, and most of us will probably be dead before all their proposed highways are completed, if ever: first they got I-69, then came I-14, followed by I-2, and now they have the I-27 extension. If anything, I think it'll be more likely that I-27 will terminate in Del Rio than Laredo. I'm sure that something to the north of Amarillo will be developed eventually (with or without that highly-touted Denver spur), but right now, the main focus is to the south of Lubbock.


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