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Hello from Wisconsin!

Started by WhyLifeIs4, February 24, 2024, 06:52:39 PM

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I am WhyLifeIs4
I love interstates and the IHS in general!

Happy to be here!
Cliniched every Wisconsin State highway except the entirety of WI-16

I will be in Kerryville for the Eclipse!



Welcome from the great state of Massachusetts
Decommission 128 south of Peabody!

Lowest untraveled number: 56


Welcome from Massachusetts!

Wisconsinites seem to be overrepresented here.

Traveled, plus
US 13,44,50
MA 22,40,107,109,117,119,126,141,159
NH 27, 111A(E); CA 133; NY 366; GA 42, 140; FL A1A, 7; CT 32; VT 2A, 5A; PA 3, 51, 60, QC 162, 165, 263; UK A100, A3211, A3213, A3215, A4222; FR95 D316

Lowest untraveled: 25 (updated from 14)

New: MA 14, 123


It's all fun & games until someone summons Cthulhu and brings about the end of the world.

I also collect traffic lights, road signs, fans, and railroad crossing equipment.



100th Post: 11/10/22
250th Post: 12/3/22
500th Post: 3/12/23
1000th Post: 11/12/23

Hunty Roads (under construction):


Welcome from another Wisconsinite!

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