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--- Quote from: n0ax on January 13, 2023, 02:01:04 PM ---I noticed in Houston County, MnDOT owns a significant amount of ROW abutting TH 26, any idea why? Seems like far more ROW than would be necessary for just the existing roadway, unless MnDOT possess it because properties were landlocked or something? Ex.

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I'm going to hazard a guess it's related to running next to a railroad line for the entire distance to the Iowa state line; they want sufficient distance from the railroad track to allow cars to safely negotiate the crossing, and to provide a gradual side slope so the roadway doesn't collapse and wash onto the tracks. They also don't want a flurry of folks building shacks between the road and railroad, as that's a hazardous location for cars running off the road, or rail cars derailing from the tracks.

Papa Emeritus:
A lengthy STrib article about what cities and counties want to do with Minnesota's surplus said Washington County's top priority is $50 million for an interchange between 36 and Century Avenue, and another $20 Million for an interchange between 36 and Lake Elmo Avenue.

Hopefully, both interchanges will be built soon.

Looks like C.S. McCrossan won the I-494 Bloomington Phase-1 rebuild contract for 377 million. I recall they were awarded the 169 interchange and prior 494 widening project from 394 to 212/5...

Took a drive up to my old home in Elk River yesterday.

-101/169 is now free-flow through the interchange with US 10, so that part of the work at least is mostly complete even if there's still another year of work on the interchange coming. A new, larger END MN 101 shield was installed to replace the old easy-to-miss "END NORTH 101".
-A little surprised going northbound that a green advance exit sign for Main St was posted already suggesting a new interchange there, even though that was not one of the interchanges built this year and it remains an at-grade intersection for now. Usually that would be covered or otherwise noting it's not an exit yet.
-The bizarre BUSINESS US 169 shield is still there.

For this weekend's presentation, we're getting the whole group back together for the annual "Virtual Road Meet" program. Come and spend an afternoon with your favorite road-related content creators & commentators as we discuss the history and features of the freeways & bridges of the Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN metro area.

If you'd like to join us live, we'll get started on Saturday (2/4) at 12 PM ET. Either way, a link to the event location can be found below and we look forward to seeing you in attendance:



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