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Thank you. So, I had it backward in my OP. The one-way roadway by the Columbia River for eastbound is the main highway. So, despite what the diagram shows, there's technically no spur for westbound traffic, unless I'm missing something.

Instead of calling it a "spur" they should have called it a "bypass". Even though it's only for one direction, that's really what it is: a way of diverting through-traffic around a couple of busy intersections.

It isn't a spur or bypass at all, but rather part of a messy interchange. The spur and couplet designations are for internal use because each ramp needs its own name.


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Oops, sorry. I messed up the link. The diagram Bruce linked to is the same I tried to link.

I just noticed today when I went through there that, for some reason, the mileposts randomly reset and start over at milepost 1 just past the intersection with Riverview Drive/3rd Street Southeast, where the "split" eastbound lanes rejoin the "actual" highway:

SR 28 begins at the junction with US 2, and between there and where the eastbound "split" rejoins, it's about 5.5 miles, and looking at the previous mileposts, the next one should be milepost 5, but it's not.

The logical milepost 1 is back here at 29th Street Northwest:
Milepost 2:
Milepost 3:
Milepost 4, where the eastbound lanes are right next to the westbound lanes:

Next should be milepost 5, but it's actually the aforementioned milepost 1 because of the random reset. So, mileposts 1—4 are duplicated further down the highway. Unless I'm missing something explaining why, this is the first case of a highway having duplicate mileposts, since mileposts only reset at state lines, at least here. A realignment caused US 2's mileposts to go from 120 to 128 and therefore skip mileposts 121—127, but I don't think a realignment would cause duplicate mileposts.

I also just realized that if you're going eastbound, you can't go straight at the roundabout. The only way to drive this part of SR 28 eastbound ( is if you're coming from SR 285 or via some local roads just past the southern terminus of SR 285, though coming from SR 285, you also have the option of taking the eastbound SR 28 lanes right by the river via an exit ramp. There's also access to the westbound lanes that way via another exit ramp, but it's mostly just a ramp there, and you don't actually drive right next to the river like eastbound.

So, basically you have two physical separate roadways that are both SR 28 eastbound and westbound, though the latter closer to the river is mostly a ramp, all of which makes no sense. What a mess! That would be like saying SR 281 Spur, a separate roadway, is also just SR 281. Thankfully, there it's organized. One is SR 281 and one is SR 281 Spur since they're two separate roadways. Yes, they have the same number, but there's a distinguishing feature there: the spur. Since the designations of "spur" and "couplet" are just for internal uses for the ramps, technically there's only SR 28. There are no spur or alternate routes. "Messy interchange" is understatement! Looking at Google Maps, even before the roundabout, that interchange was messy, as there was still no way to go straight there for eastbound, for example:


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