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routing of US-101E and US-101W in San Diego


does anyone have a map of San Diego from the late 20s that shows where this highway split went exactly?

aaroads is unsure if US-101W went down Ingraham Street, but it seems pretty likely.  Since I live a half-block from Ingraham, I'm using 101W as my icon.  Want to make 100% sure it's correct :)  (even if not, it's likely that 101W is the closest US highway to my house!)

The Southern California road group (Andy, Mike, Casey) doesn't know? Surely you jest?

I asked Andy a few months ago and he wasn't really certain.

F'n Ballard ... who knows if he'd be willing to divulge that information, or if he'd just gloat and say "yeah I know where that went"

"You never knew there was a C-block there?"  :-D

I think 101W swung through the Mission Bay area down Ingraham, while 101E went down Pacific Highway and split towards Old Town and out via Morena Blvd, heading up the eastern coast of Mission Bay.  That's based on several old Caltrans remnants scattered throughout the area.  Also, I know for a fact that 101E used Morena Blvd. and there are also Historic US-101 shields down Taylor St.  101W might've split from Pacific Highway, down Barnett, up Midway, met old US-80 at Rosecrans Ave., down Sports Arena Blvd., went across the bridge over the river, and then up Ingraham towards La Jolla.  But, don't quote me on all of that.  :/


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