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--- Quote from: mightyace on October 18, 2009, 06:15:29 PM ---O.T.
Well, call me crazy.  (agentsteel53 probably thinks I am anyway. LOL)  But,the 10 years I spend in Akron were the 10 best years of my life.  I much rather live there than California with the exception of the Sierra Nevadas and Feather River Canyon.

--- End quote ---

well, it may be a nice place to live, but putting up shiny new Clearview signs on I-77 isn't the most effective way to try to fix the above-national-average unemployment rate.

(and no, there isn't a need to remind me that California and employment go together as well as Breezewood and efficiency.)


I was browsing through "California @" and noticed that the old, heavily patched I-40 exit sign in Barstow was replaced with a new reflective sign complete with exit number.  While I like the fact that the new sign has an exit number on it, I'm kind of sad this old sign dating back to when the freeway was built is gone for good.

New Sign...

indeed, that old sign was quite serviceable.  It's not like there isn't a perfectly delineated patch of empty space for the exit tab on the old sign!

The new sign is an exact carbon copy of the old, just with the tab added.  Same slightly haphazard location for the arrows.  Why bother?  Call it $500 to patch, as opposed to $4000 to replace.  Budget crisis?  What budget crisis?

here, btw, is what the sign looked like before the patches.

the 15 shield was actually moved over by a foot or two to recenter it better, while the 40 shield was kept the same.  Furthermore, the older standard of "down arrow to indicate an exit" was replaced with "up-and-over arrow to indicate an exit on the very last sign before the split". 

There are a lot of CA signs where the arrow-update patches have fallen off and no one has bothered to replace them because they are not critical.  I'll try to find one.


--- Quote from: HighwayMaster on October 18, 2009, 05:58:26 PM ---You're right, AS53. I haven't lived in the Golden State much at all! :-P

I'm not making fun of CalTrans. I'm just saying that they should do a little better when replacing signage. In fact, this was a place to show pics if you find a good covered shield. Those were the only 2 pics that I knew of, so I used them.

Andy and Alex said that CA-7 shield was actually where an I-710 overlay was. Right, AARoads?

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Actually the patches/greenouts are a good thing IMO, as they indicate something that has changed for us road enthusiasts to research later (if we want to). As for the CA-7, its probably a green out that fell off. I did not take the photo nor write the caption, so Andy would have to answer that question...

As for some signs in CA lasting 40-50 years, think of the climate there and the low rainfall and lack of freezing temperatures in a lot of places. That prolongs sign life and as Jake said, with the budget crisis they have had now for many years, sign replacement should be placed low on the totem pole of funding expenditures if the existing signs are still serviceable.

Be glad that you got pictures of it before the change.  :D


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