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I-80N to be I-84 May 1

Google News Timeline from April 1, 1980.

--- Quote ---"The complaint was that it's confusing to have two Interstate 80 highways,"
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Originally, Utah and Idaho asked for the name change to cut down on travelers' confusion...
--- End quote ---

Nice find. Even more interesting was the article below that one about Trojan and Mt St Helens. Nice snapshot of the ramp-up to the coming eruption.

I'm guessing that must be the date that the road officially became I-84 and the I-80N signs were removed. I wonder if there was a period before that when both signs were up. I have a 1979 Utah State Highway Map that has the road identified on the map with both I-80N and I-84 markers.

I remember the changeover, and at least in Oregon there was no transitional period where both 80N and 84 were signed.  I don't know how long it took for all signage to be changed, though, nor if ID and UT changed at exactly the same time.  The change was about the same time that the freeway was completely finished in Oregon, and it may even predate the last section in Idaho by Glenns Ferry.  So some of the signs removed/changed in Oregon weren't very old themselves.

Anyone know what came first: 80N changing to 84 or 15W changing to 86?  Or were these two simultaneous?

If Idaho was asking for I-80N to be changed due to confusion with I-80, one would suspect that they'd request 15W be changed due to 15 at the same time.


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