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Mysterious sign seen on Hank's Truck Pictures

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I thought about asking this question of one of the photographers who posted this image on "Hank's Truck Pictures, but I thought that I'd try it here instead:

I see a few signs after the merge sign there. What are they?

From what little I can see in the image, they look like the truck rollover warning sign.  The other clue to me is the sharpness of the turn ahead.

The second warning sign looks like a curve-ahead warning sign with an advisory speed limit.  The first warning sign is too fuzzy for me.

I'd venture it's a truck roll-over advisory/warning sign, given by the freeway's curves and the curve-ahead warning sign.

Do you know where this shot is?

odd thing is, the truck (or whatever that big blob is) looks to be perfectly level.  On a rollover warning sign, the truck is at quite the exaggerated angle of failure.

email David Faust and seeing if he has the higher-resolution original.


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