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Do they have an estimated opening date for the new toll plazas and tolling scheme?


--- Quote from: wanderer2575 on November 27, 2022, 05:40:56 PM ---
--- Quote from: Buck87 on November 27, 2022, 11:54:46 AM ---Drove by the new mainline toll plaza under construction at MM 211 twice over Thanksgiving. It's coming along nicely, looks most of the way done.

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Same with the toll plaza at MM 49, which I drove by at the beginning of this month.  Seen in the background of this photo.

It appears the plaza splits for the non- E-ZPass lanes will be signed as exits, with up/right arrows and exit numbers.  That seems weird.

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Bet the exit tabs for the toll barrier won't last too long.

It's going to likely cause confusion with unfamiliar drivers thinking the Pay Toll "exit" will take them completely off the Turnpike, and thus they will stay in the left E-Z Pass lanes and get dinged for "evading the toll" by paying the maximum.

What the OTC SHOULD do is change the left overhead EZ Pass pull-though sign from green to purple saying EZ-PASS ONLY, while the right overhead sign should say,
ALL OTHER TRAFFIC -- REDEEM TICKET / PAY TOLL.  Adding flashing yellow lights to the sign would be highly recommended as well.


--- Quote from: wanderer2575 on November 27, 2022, 05:59:21 PM ---Also, it appears that the interchange at OH-49 (mile 2) will still be the bastard child of the system, as it does not show at all on the new "Modernized Ohio Turnpike Toll Collection System" strip map.  I wonder if it will at least finally be blessed with an exit number.

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I don't understand why when they installed new signs in that area a few years ago, they didn't number the exit and instead changed the Westgate name on signage (which, interestingly, is shown on the Modernized System diagram) to "Toll Plaza 2" which is completely screwy.


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--- Quote from: The Ghostbuster on August 19, 2022, 02:28:00 PM ---Did Ohio ever propose building any additional toll roads besides the Ohio Turnpike?

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Not sure if this wasn't just some discussion on this or another board, but I remember reading something about having I-73 be built as a toll road between Toledo and Columbus.

For what it's worth, the closest thing to a toll bridge in the state is the 1.5 mile Cedar Point Causeway; the price is only $0.50 last I heard.  There are also at least two car ferries to Lake Erie islands, and two in the state that cross the Ohio River.  There was discussion to make the Brent Spence Bridge replacement a toll bridge, but both states seem to agree that is to be toll-free.

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As has been discussed in other boards, where I-71, I-271, and I-90 currently are was going to be a toll road (a Cincinnati-Conneaut toll highway).  It would have tied into a short toll highway in Pennsylvania (using current I-90), which, in turn, would have connected to the New York Thruway.  This was proposed before 1956.  However, once President Eisenhower signed the Interstate Highway bill, all these proposed toll highways became the proposed routes for toll-free Interstate highways.

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Would it have used the same ticket system as the E-W Turnpike, or would they have been separate?

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Hard to say, but if I had to bet, the north-south "turnpike" probably would have had a tolling system similar to Jersey's Garden State Parkway.

I say that because the section of I-71 from Medina to Columbus was being built around the time the Ohio Turnpike opened up east to west, and the majority of the exit ramps were traditional freeway-styled ramps.  The only Double Trumpet interchange  was at US-224 in Lodi, and that was a very short connecting ramp with no groundwork for Toll Plazas.

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And might they have gone with GSP-esque one-way plazas later on?

Apparently there was a big pileup on the OH Turnpike on Friday the 23rd, near Sandusky, due to the winds and white-out conditions.

Ohio State Highway Patrol reports that 4 lives were lost

Turnpike is still closed between US 250 and OH 53 on Saturday morning per the reports


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