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 on: Today at 03:37:39 PM 
Started by TMETSJETSYT - Last post by WillWeaverRVA
I have an iPhone but I use Google Maps or Waze.

 on: Today at 03:33:08 PM 
Started by formulanone - Last post by formulanone
I was in Bermuda for work this month, flying in from Charlotte. Since we don’t have a Bermuda thread…

Give Way! Hope you like roundabouts; this one is from exiting the LF Wade Airport (BDA):

The airport is on a large island which was once a joint US/RAF field, later transferred to the US Navy, but transferred the land back to Bermuda in 1995. An all-new terminal opened in 2020. There's a handful of flights per day from the US, which is (vaguely) the closest country to Bermuda. Air Canada and British Airways also operate flights, since there’s no flag carrier of Bermuda.

Signage seems to be Vienna Convention, using the Transport font.

Though most of Bermuda is considered one mainland island, there's also a lot of smaller islands. It's considered the remnants of an extinct volcano shield which formed 35-45 million years ago. The causeway linking the island is called…The Causeway. It was originally constructed in 1871, but rebuilt several times due to storm damage.

North Shore Drive:

Hidden Entrance becomes Concealed Entrance:

Ess Curve:

Left Curve:

Speed Humps in Flatts Village:

Automotive traffic wasn’t allowed until 1948, so mechanical transit was handled by train. There were two railway lines spanning the length of the island, but they were eventually removed. Much of it has become the Railway Trail.

North Shore Drive had a construction zone for laying utility lines, with a temporary traffic light…by the looks of things, this was the only MUTCD-spec signage!

I’ll end Day one with Langton Hill Lane, which was cut into the side of a hill, exposing the limestone and providing a canyon-like experience…

More to come…

 on: Today at 03:31:32 PM 
Started by TMETSJETSYT - Last post by JayhawkCO
Google Maps with Android Auto works just fine for me. I've played with Waze before, but with an albeit small sample size, Google Maps was more accurate on ETAs in the Denver metro.

 on: Today at 03:28:22 PM 
Started by Alex - Last post by 74/171FAN
(For PA 405)  PennDOT - District 3 News: Construction Continues in Muncy Borough, Lycoming County

(For PA 154)  PennDOT - District 3 News: Embankment Repair Project Set to Begin in September on Route 154 in Sullivan County

(For US 22)  PennDOT - District 9 News: Traffic Switch for the Route 22 Interchanges Project in Cambria County

 on: Today at 03:19:08 PM 
Started by TMETSJETSYT - Last post by Scott5114
I use paper maps for reference when driving. Much easier than having to fiddle with unlocking the phone, going to the Google folder, pressing maps, panning around to where I need to the map to be, etc. while trying to drive. If I don't have a paper map of the area around, I draw my own before leaving.

When I am at home, I tend to use OpenStreetMap for actual map-browsing purposes. It's usually more accurate, and the map is more detailed. I use Google Maps only when I need the satellite or street view features, or if I am searching for a particular business.

The only apple products I use are those which are designed to go in my stomach.

 on: Today at 03:05:48 PM 
Started by swbrotha100 - Last post by KeithE4Phx
Now that AZ 24 extends to Ironwood Rd. (even though it is a service road connection), are there any updates on when it will connect with the future Pinal North–South Freeway? Or is construction of that freeway a very long way off?

It's still years away, as are any freeway upgrades to AZ 24.  The final route was announced a year ago, but Tier 2 environmental studies still need to be done before construction contracts are awarded.  Those studies are not yet funded.

 on: Today at 03:01:08 PM 
Started by Scott5114 - Last post by frankenroad
Do other states grind the other stripes off the pavement to the extent as OK though? On the road widening project outside my front door the grooves are so deep you can feel it as you drive over them. And there are similar grooves on SB 35 in Moore where work occurred two years ago...

Grinding seems to be the most common solution in Ohio (or at least in my part of Ohio).  Most cases where I have seen the temporary tape used, it very quickly becomes dislodged and useless.

 on: Today at 02:54:02 PM 
Started by CoolAngrybirdsrio4 - Last post by bulldog1979
"Pay Fare Ahead"? Are they going to transport my car across the bridge for me, perhaps with me still sitting in it? If not, it's not a "fare." It's a "toll."

"Toll" is pronounced "fare" in Michigan.  Otherwise delicate sensibilities will be upset. :P

Maybe no longer.  "Toll" instead of "fare" is on the plans for new signs approaching the Mackinac Bridge and International Bridge in the Upper Peninsula.  (Previously posted in the "Interesting Signs" thread.)

Looks like the Soo will get flags on the BGSs as well to match up with Port Huron and Detroit. That will be cool. Switching the terminology on the signs is somewhat overdue considering the wording was switched on the state maps 15 years ago.

Any idea where I can look at the rest of the plans?

 on: Today at 02:53:59 PM 
Started by 1 - Last post by kramie13
This is often the standard for 3dis yes. Although some do break the rules like I-520 in GA/SC or I-495 in New York.

Then I would extend I-195 to the Bourne Bridge, and have MA 25 replace MA 28 on the Cape from Falmouth to Orleans, signing it east-west.  Another route number could be used for MA 28 from Falmouth to the Bourne Bridge (signed north-south).

I would replace I-395 in CT/MA and I-290 with I-695, which would also eliminate the exit number/dual milepost confusion on I-290.  But what to do with I-190?  Give it a different route number, like I-595?  If it's a 3-di Interstate, it doesn't meet its parent.  Maybe assign it a new MA state route number.

 on: Today at 02:51:37 PM 
Started by CoolAngrybirdsrio4 - Last post by bulldog1979
"Pay Fare Ahead"? Are they going to transport my car across the bridge for me, perhaps with me still sitting in it? If not, it's not a "fare." It's a "toll."

"Toll" is pronounced "fare" in Michigan.  Otherwise delicate sensibilities will be upset. :P

I've always felt that the idiosyncratic signage is a holdover from the days when the Mackinac Bridge opened and replaced the ferries, or when the International Bridge opened and replaced those ferries at the Soo. Since I-75 was being built in that time period, it was probably just a simple matter of copying the terminology over from one set of signs to another. My grandparents lived in Cheboygan and always talked about paying the bridge fare, never the toll.  It's just how the locals talked. Even the state map used "fare facilities" in the descriptions until 2006; 2007 was the first year they used the word "toll".

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