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 on: Today at 02:31:08 PM 
Started by roadman65 - Last post by kphoger
Minnesotaís general practice is stacks when itís a same-direction concurrency and side-by-sides when itís a perpendicular concurrency.

This is my strong preference.

Texas seems to do this pretty well (as they do with so much when it comes to signage), such as here in Del Rio.  When there are more than three highways in parallel concurrency, however, they shift one of them over like this near Seymour.

 on: Today at 02:15:57 PM 
Started by TheArkansasRoadgeek - Last post by roadfro
I think one element in favor of mast arms is that there is less actual maintenance of the signal structure. With wire spans, they generally need to be inspected every so often to ensure the support wires are still at adequate tensile strength. Mast arm signals need no such maintenance. So after a weather event such as a major windstorm or hurricane, safety reasons would dictate inspection of any span wire installations but mast arms should be fine.

Also, a few years ago a huge microburst hit the southwestern Salt Lake City suburbs. Photo 5 on the photo gallery on this KSL article shows what happened to the mast arms at one intersection.

To be fair, it appears (from the photo on the article) that those signals came down as a result of the power lines falling down and taking the signals (one mast arm and another mast with mast arm intact) with them. It does not appear that the mast arms failed as a result of the microburst.

 on: Today at 02:08:24 PM 
Started by empirestate - Last post by roadman
This might be the best use of a Daily Challenge yet!

November 19, 2017: Today is the 25th anniversary of the first airing of the "Mr. Plow" episode on The Simpsons.  Post pictures of signs related to snow plowing.
They sure have a funny way of saying "please" in Massachusetts...

These signs are placed on Interstates and freeways at the beginning of bridges.  They are directed at plow operators to remind them to raise their blades slightly so they don't impact the deck ends.  As MassDOT relies heavily on private contractors for snow plowing, it was decided that a text sign would be more effective than a marker.

 on: Today at 01:58:58 PM 
Started by empirestate - Last post by Jim
November 21, 2017: The Beatles Anthology was released 22 years ago today. Post photos of road signs that relate to the Beatles or their songs in some way.

The started in Liverpool, right?  Maybe it wasn't this one.  Taken on I-81 in Syracuse.  April 19, 2007.

 on: Today at 01:54:48 PM 
Started by Henry - Last post by Jim
Once we get the other I-840, which I have only as Tennessee 840, I can do I-865.

 on: Today at 01:53:22 PM 
Started by jemacedo9 - Last post by kphoger
Drivers Ed took me on US 74, I-85, and I-277, as well as many surface roads in between

Your driver's ed went on the freeway? Mine only covered local roads, none of which were more than five lanes. I never drove on a road with a speed limit greater than 40 in driver's ed (and that was only one road).

Our driver's ed instructor (Atwood, KS) took us 31 miles away just so we could drive on rural I-70 for 8 miles.  We also went up into McCook, NE, for "city" driving.

 on: Today at 01:53:03 PM 
Started by Mdcastle - Last post by bschultzy
US 169 got a nice speed boost to 60 through at least part of the metro area. I only saw between 694 and 394, so Iím not sure how far it extends. Iím guessing northward it probably goes to 610 where the freeway section ends. It would be interesting if the 60 section extends south of 394, since thatís where the 60 section of MN 100 ends (which went to 60 between 394 and 694 a decade ago).

The 60MPH limit is posted south of 394, and continues to where the 65MPH limit begins south of 494.

 on: Today at 01:48:13 PM 
Started by jemacedo9 - Last post by kphoger
The roads that really taught me to drive were the dirt and gravel roads outside the town I grew up in.  On those, I learned how to come out of a fishtail and how to drive in mud.  Furthermore, both of those skills translate fairly well to driving in snow.

 on: Today at 01:41:02 PM 
Started by empirestate - Last post by CNGL-Leudimin
I believe part of Bus I-90 in New Orleans was to be signed I-910, but LADOTD never went ahead.

 on: Today at 01:36:57 PM 
Started by ARMOURERERIC - Last post by theroadwayone
So it starts in San Diego, but where does it end?
It still ends in SD...for now. It's supposed to end at the border.

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