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Thanks to everyone for the feedback on what errors you encountered at https://www.aaroads.com/forum/index.php?topic=33904.0
Corrected several already and appreciate your patience as we work through the rest.

 on: Today at 04:56:44 PM 
Started by ZLoth - Last post by epzik8
I'm surprised the amount of Americans with landlines is still more than one in four.

 on: Today at 04:44:47 PM 
Started by 1 - Last post by LilianaUwU
Sortie 60:

A-15 NB, sortie 60 - 1 by Liliana Vess, on Flickr

 on: Today at 04:40:37 PM 
Started by 1 - Last post by 7/8
Choice of ON 60 or 11 (in Huntsville):

 on: Today at 04:35:43 PM 
Started by 1 - Last post by Jim
Choose your 15: Ontario 15, Regional 15.  March 14, 2023. Taken on Ontario 401.

 on: Today at 04:34:53 PM 
Started by Quillz - Last post by GaryV
What is the least "main" Main Street?

In Illinois, Carol Stream's Main Pl comes to mind,  but I'm sure there are better examples out there.

Main Street in Sturgis, MI isn't much: https://maps.app.goo.gl/tLcPQWAqPq6aPbb4A

 on: Today at 04:33:24 PM 
Started by edwaleni - Last post by SectorZ
EVs should not be taxed, as that discourages their use. Raise the gas tax and index it to inflation.

The problem is that they are not ready to be the predominant form of automotive transportation in the United States.  Build a better charging network, improve range and get priced competitive with ICE first.  Artificially stacking the deck with tax credits and waivers on things like having to pay a gas tax equivalent won’t work forever.  If the mandates were going to start somewhere it should have begun with hybrid capabilities for most ICE vehicles. 

Right now even with everything going on a lot of EV buyers make their purchase as a quasi-luxury item.  The market was dictating a shift towards hybrid and EV options just fine.

Interesting aside, we talked about this with my father in law this week while down in Mexico.  I couldn’t fathom EVs or hybrids taking the slightest foothold here for decades to come with all the 30-40 year old clunkers still in use.  The concept of a reliable charging grid in rural Jalisco is amusing to contemplate.

Not quite a question of tax credits, but related. Our governor recently broke ground on the first federally-funded EV charging station at a Circle K station in Richmond. Meanwhile, a few miles to the south, the Buc-ee's has its own bank of charging stations that were funded by the company. Why should Circle K be the beneficiary of federal funding for its chargers -- and thus having the captive audience of motorists coming in to the store to make convenience purchases -- while Buc-ee's footed the bill itself for its charging stations?

Even better given Circle K isn't an American-owned company. The Canadian night owl people own it (I'm unsure if using their actual name is PC at this point).

 on: Today at 04:28:54 PM 
Started by CoreySamson - Last post by LilianaUwU
Isn't this thread for forum quotes rather than continuing to gripe about an annoyance that was dealt with?

I almost quoted this without comment as though it was one of my favorite forum quotes.
I'm disappointed that you didn't.

 on: Today at 04:25:36 PM 
Started by Quillz - Last post by SectorZ
There’s also MA 107 from Revere to Lynn which is called the Salem Turnpike. It runs from MA 60 in Revere through the Rumney Marsh reservation to Ballard St in Lynn before going over a super congested drawbridge and it has no interchanges. Was this ever proposed as part of I-95 north of Boston?

I-95 was to be just west of it. There was a dirt berm a couple of miles long that you could see from 107, but it was dug out and dumped along Winthrop Beach to help with storm resilience.

 on: Today at 04:24:31 PM 
Started by Mr_Northside - Last post by ARMOURERERIC
More details on 53A2 were released


If I am looking at this correctly, this section appears to be "floating". Is the section that would connect this to existing PA 43 already underway?

Yes, has been for over a year.

 on: Today at 04:05:59 PM 
Started by 1 - Last post by LilianaUwU
24-hour rule.


A-15 NB, sortie 45 - 1 by Liliana Vess, on Flickr

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