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NY: Sign collapse closes NYC bridge

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A truck ran into a gantry on the Whitestone Bridge in Queens, bringing it toppling down, tearing the sign in half, and closing the bridge.

More here:

I've never seen a sign collapse like that.  Well New York's freeway system became an extra-huge parking lot than usual :-/

WOW!!  :-o :-o

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A truck hit a sign bridge on Interstate 805 in San Diego, sending it crashing down onto the freeway:

This sign bridge collapsed on January 23, 2006, when a recycling truck with its bin raised hit the sign bridge... Only one person was injured, and no one was killed. ...A new sign was installed about a year after the accident; the new sign features exit numbers and is on a more modern kind of sign bridge support structure.

The replacement:

And for what its worth, what the sign that got knocked down looked like before:

And if you have not heard, the MTA approved a 24% toll hike on its facilities for mid-July.


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