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Highways in the US not covered by GSV

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I was reading through the Google Maps Sucks thread, specifically, the US 6 debacle, when I thought of something: What are some numbered routes or route segments in the United States not covered by GSV, whatever the reason? Here are some examples in Colorado:

* Colorado Highway 14 intermittently east of Walden
* Colorado Highway 114
* Colorado Highway 149 between Lake City and CreedWe could include everything from international borders and newly opened roads to roads in the middle of nowhere.

Max Rockatansky:
A lot of CA 49 north of CA 89. 

Business US 13 in Cheriton and Eastville don’t have much coverage, with only tiny segments of coverage. Multiple state routes on the VA Eastern Shore don’t have some either.

Many Virginia Secondaries don’t have coverage as well.

Somehow the OH 823 Portsmouth Bypass freeway still doesn't have GSV coverage despite being finished for a couple of years by now.

In Arizona, many signed county and forest service roads have been removed from GSV because they're unpaved.  They were included at one time.

Not only in AZ, but in much of the country, rural areas haven't been updated in close to 15 years.  Not that they've likely changed all that much, but picture quality has vastly improved since then.


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