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The I-65/70 North Split Reconstruction

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The north split in downtown Indy is going to finally be reconstructed. Project starts this fall and will last 2 years. Currently scheduled to be done by Turkey Day 2022. In order to build this, through traffic for both interstates will be closed for the whole 2 years. Access to the local streets will be maintained the whole time though. More details on the MOT:

The preferred alternative is pretty great, the new interchange is much smaller, as the ghost ramps to I-165 will be gone. Other things include flipping 65 and 70 on the NB approach. 65 will leave from the right and 70 will leave from the left to eliminate the weave from the south split. Final design will remove access to certain movements though. 2 that come to mind are 70 wb can't get to penn anymore and delware st cant get to 65 sb anymore. interesting fact is that daily backup on 65 sb from 21st st to the north split is caused by the weaving from this movement! Bridges will be longer over the local streets, with wider sidewalks and a forest will be planted around the interchange. Monon trail will be widened from 10 to 14 feet, and a new trail will be built on the north side of the interchange. A look at the preferred alternative:
This is a design build interchange. This interchange is the second busiest, and most dangerous interchange in the state. I wonder what the busiest is?

I-65 and I-80/94 would be my guess for busiest in the Hoosier state

^ My guess as well.

It will be interesting to see what this does to traffic on I-465. If anything, it's really going to show that INDOT needs to add lanes to the south side sooner rather than later.

Revive 755:
Is I-465 going to be free of construction for the next two years while this project is going on?

Nope. I-465 will be undergoing construction on the south side over the next few years in relation to the I-69 extension coming up from the south. 465 from 65 west to 70 will be adding a lane and several overpasses are going to be rebuilt. The only good thing might be to keep the interstate at six lanes even with construction in process, a possibility.


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