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The f-stop is how wide the shutter opens during an exposure.  Lower f-stops mean a wider shutter.  See here:

I use landscape mode during the day, and then auto mode in the low light(the time between day and night) situations. And fir night shots, I don't bother unless it is a highly reflective green sign, for which I use a flash and I believe auto mode.


I'm the one you want to ask for camera help.

Buy a DSLR, you can get a cheap used Canon Rebel XTi for $300, or a Pentax *ist DS for $200. Use the AV mode (aperture priority) when doing landscapes and set your aperture to a higher value (around F/10-11). This way you will have a large DOF and a lot of the landscape will be in focus. The camera automatically sets your shutter speed when on AV mode.

Well, my Powershot has an AV mode, so I can still do that.  :nod:


--- Quote from: Scott5114 on February 04, 2009, 06:01:15 AM ---Okay, so if I were wanting to take night photos I'd want to bump the ISO up so that I could catch more of the reflectivity off the sign. I'll have to try it. I was playing around taking them at ISO 80 (the lowest on my camera) on the way home from work tonight and obviously it didn't do very well. :-P

It would seem the problem would be finding a setting that could handle the signs going by at 70 MPH while also being picking up enough light to be visible!

--- End quote ---

Don't even bother trying to take night shots from a car, it's pointless unless you have a thing for "blur".

If you want to do night photography with the camera you have, use the good advice others have given with regards to the settings and use a tripod, w/o a tripod your chances of getting a good picture at night are slim and none.


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