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Exits with a different exit number in each direction

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US 89:
As I posted before in another thread where this briefly came up, both I-215 and 7200 South on I-15 south of Salt Lake City:

--- Quote from: US 89 on November 03, 2021, 07:09:08 PM ---The original numbering before the reconstruction (which is still used in the southbound direction) had exit 295 for 9000 South, 297 for 7200 South, and 298 for I-215. However, the new northbound C/D ramp for 72nd and I-215 splits from I-215 south of 9000 South, and is numbered by where it splits from the mainline rather than actual crossroad locations. So now in the northbound direction, 72nd South is exit 294A and 215 is 294B-C.

--- End quote ---

There is also the exit to I-215 southbound from I-80 at their eastern interchange at the mouth of Parleys Canyon. Eastbound is 128, westbound is 130, and halfway between them is both directionsí exit 129 to Foothill.


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