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High Masts

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It seems to be the trend for the Texas freeways.

The Houston freeways are the classic examples, but not just them....several other Texas cities have them.

San Antonio has them along the double-deck sections

Laredo has them along I-35.

Corpus Christi has had them along I-37 since 1995, and now the SPID Freeway installed in 2007.

Beaumont has them along I-10....installed almost 20 years ago.

And the US 281 just north of the McAllen area has them.

Are there any other freeways that have them?

I've noticed those too. They're really not that pretty in the daytime, don't get why they build so many of them.


--- Quote from: froggie on February 16, 2009, 06:50:34 AM ---Are you referring to high mast lighting?

--- End quote ---

Probably. Every freeway in Houston is lined with them (except for the tollways). The older freeways have directional mast lighting, where the lights are angled towards the mainlanes of traffic, but the newer freeways just have standard mast lighting where the lights all point down. And don't get me started on how tall Texas' lighting is compared to other states. Is there really a need to have high mast lighting at 150 feet?


There is mast lighting at each interchange along I-30 in Greenville and Texarkana

That looks more like football stadium lighting...


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