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--- Quote from: ran4sh on February 04, 2023, 03:19:10 PM ---So two of the major I-285 interchanges will be under construction at the same time.

--- End quote ---

Yep, i think the plan was to start construction about one year apart; starting with the east side first.

Georgia Guardrail:
This weekend looks like GDOT will switch I 285 lanes from outside to inside as they continue the reconstruction of the three bridges by the Transform 285/400 project.  However, it looks gradual as they are doing the bridges over Glenridge and SR 400 first then Peachtree Dunwoody.  So the lanes will probably zig and zag initially going from inner to outer EB.

Morning/afternoon commutes are going to be nasty for the next 10 weeks because of this. Thankfully I use Cotillion drive to Ashford Dunwoody and then take the side road that runs from there parallel to 285 to get to P-tree/Dunwoody and then use the Glenridge connector after to get to Roswell Rd. I wish that GDOT would hurry up and install overhead master lighting! Especially since it will be dark in the mornings again when the time change hits in 20 days

Word on the Streets is that the 285/20 interchange construction is set to begin this summer? Both North and South directions of 285 from Covington Highway to Candler road will probably be as congested as the 285/400 corridor. I'd imagine that there will be 1-2 lanes being closed in both directions, all hours of the day? Thank gawd I only have to go through that area once a week...

Georgia Guardrail:
I've heard that I-285/I-20 East Interchange will start work in April.  Yes that stretch of I-285 between I-20 and SR 400 will probably be quite crammed.  Hopefully the 285 bridge replacements will be done by this Summer.


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