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Highway NOT entering your home state on which you have clinched the most mileage

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Mine seems to be US 30, followed by I-84. Both spend a good chunk of time along the WA/OR border but never cross over.

For stuff further out, I have US 20 and US 26 within 2 miles of each other.

It's a lot closer than I thought it would be, but it is either I-40 or I-65, neither of which enter Georgia. On both highways I have clinched between 400 and 500 miles, but I-40 might barely beat it out in terms of total miles clinched.

J N Winkler:
I haven't gotten into Travel Mapping, so any mileages will be approximate, and for purposes of this exercise I count myself as having lived only in Kansas.

Longest Interstate:  I have driven all of I-40 except Barstow to Exit 115 (California), Exit 192 (SH 9A) to Exit 286 (SH 351/Muskogee Turnpike) (Oklahoma), and maybe Exit 259 (east end of I-85 overlap) to Exit 279B (south end of Durham Freeway) (North Carolina), a total of 229 miles not driven out of the 2,554.  No other transcontinental Interstate even comes close except I-70, for which I am missing Indianapolis-Columbus and Frederick-Baltimore.

Longest US route:  I think this is probably US 20, long lengths of which I have driven in Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon, with short lengths in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, and Massachusetts.  US 60 (long lengths from Phoenix, Arizona to Pawhuska, Oklahoma, as well as Springfield to Poplar Bluff in Missouri) is another contender.

Longest state route:  This is probably SR 2 in Nebraska, which I have driven all the way from Grand Island to Crawford (327 miles).  A very close runner-up is TH 23 in Minnesota, which I have followed all the way from Pipestone to Duluth (I can't get an accurate mileage estimate through Google Maps at the moment, since it won't allow me to follow the route between Paynesville and Richmond or Foley and Milaca; with detours the routing works out to 324 miles).  Like others, I have followed parts of M-28 in the Upper Peninsula, but have very little mileage on it because of visits to the Shipwreck Museum (didn't take the segment between the two M-123 junctions), Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (missed the Seney Straight), and the north end of US 41 (missed everything from Covington to Bergland).

Outside the US,  I have driven all 880 km of Hwy. 401 in Ontario, as well as 695 km of Hwy. 17 between Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie and--in England--the entirety of the M6 motorway between the M42 junction west of Birmingham to the Scottish border just south of Gretna Green (208 miles).

I would have to say US 71 as in 01 I clinched it from St. Joseph, MO to Fayetteville, AR and then from Fort Smith to Shreveport, LA as I-49 was not yet completed or signed north of Shreveport where its original terminus was at I-20.

However, I have done two years ago US 63 from I-70 to Jonesboro, AR in one sitting as well/

As far as interstates go, I have done I-70 from Cove Fort, UT to Denver and from Limon to Vandalia, IL ( in different trips) and from New Stanton to Columbus.

 I live in Florida, so none of these three are a Sunshine State route.

Great Lakes Roads:
It has to be Interstate 40 for me, which kinda surprised me...

I-95's total mileage that I've driven on is 1,248 miles, which comes out in second place!
I-75's total mileage that I've driven on is 1,236 miles, which comes out in third place!

EDIT: It's actually... I-40 at a whopping 1,693 miles!


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