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--- Quote from: Plutonic Panda on October 16, 2022, 05:23:43 AM ---Pretty amazing video. China really is an incredible country. Ive never even heard of many of these cities yet their infrastructure is marveling.

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As I have heard from multiple people, including my parents who lived in China for a while, China is very good at building, but not so much at maintaining.  Another friend of mine who lived there said, after they built that one particularly high suspension bridge, "Better drive over it now rather than in 10 years..."

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Chongqing is a very hilly city. Reminds me of Pittsburgh in terms of terrain.

The Chinese expressway system is built in a national grid, with the addition of seven radial routes of Beijing: G1 to G7.

G7 is the newest addition, originally there were six radial routes. G7 runs from Beijing to rmqi and is also called the Jingxin Expressway (Beijing - Xinjiang Expressway).

An 1,100 kilometer stretch of expressway opened simultaneously in 2017 between Bayannur, Inner Mongolia and Kumul, Xinjiang. This is the longest single highway opening ever in the world.

This stretch runs through extremely remote terrain in western Inner Mongolia, northern Gansu and eastern Xinjiang, with no historic road preceding it, so it only made sense to open it in its entirety as it would otherwise go nowhere. G7 traverses isolated desert and mountain ranges, just south of Mongolia.

Here are some photos of this stretch of expressway. I wonder what the traffic volumes are, I doubt if it is more than 1,000 vehicles per day, maybe even less.

Built for "national unity" over any usefulness

I call it the "Middle of Nowhere expressway" due to obvious reasons. I gave it that name while it was still in the planning stages. Several of the distances between exits are really crazy: If you miss the Aogandelige exit (exit 1344) going West the next one is over 90 miles (147 km to be exact) away, already approaching Ejin Banner.


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