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AARoads Forum First Anniversary!


The tile says all, the first anniversary of AARoads Forum is sometime in January. But what day is it exactly?  :hmmm:

The forum was installed Jan 1st 2009, and the webmasters also registered that day. However the forum opened to the public Jan 18th. What of those days will we call the anniversary?

Anyways, great to see the forum last this long! Also great to see that the traffic isn't falling, hopefully AARoads Forum will last for many more years to come.  :sombrero:

AAroads has been around since 1999... so when is the 10th anniversary?

Yeah, I changed the title.. I meant the forum.

January 17 was when the forum was launched.

AARoads was created July 10, 2000, though Andy and I had pages going back to 1997 and 1998 respectively on servers such as Geocities, Xoom, Tripod, my friend Matt's site, my brother's site, etc.


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