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Hello from Portland!

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Hi, I'm a new road enthusiast in Portland, OR! If anyone has any recommendations for fun road features or places in/around the city let me know! I love learning new things  :D Additionally, if anyone could point me towards some good resources for learning more about roads/urban planning (Youtube videos/channels preferred) that would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome from Massachusetts!

Welcome from Virginia!

Welcome. I’m also from Massachusetts.

While some of us are against New Urbanism (likely the only place on the internet you'll find them), we do have some in favor of it. One of the most prominent New Urbanists on this forum, also a major Wikipedia contributor, is user Bruce, who lives in Washington, not too far from you.

I'm not sure if you saw the Urban Planning and Design board on this forum. It's hidden from people without an account, so you might not be aware of it.

User bing101 (link goes to list of posts, not the main user profile page) posts a lot of videos, many of which are about urban planning.


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