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Post your road trip photos - September-October 2023


It has been ages since I took a road trip, and being that I'm currently a adult caregiver, the furthest extent I can do is plan for a road trip "someday".

Can you post your road trip photos that were taken during the months of September or October, 2023. Please include which route you were on and where (approximately) the photo was taken.

I took a pair of road trips in October, but unfortunately don't have many road pictures to show for it. I'll take another look and see what I can find.

If you'll accept pictures taken in November, though, here's some from this very afternoon.

Spectacular foliage on display. Lake Road, Webster, NY.

More foliage. Lake Road, Webster, NY.

Winding road ahead. Lake Road, Webster, NY.

Here's a crosspost of pictures from my fall break road trip out in West Texas and New Mexico.

--- Quote from: CoreySamson on October 31, 2023, 10:19:24 PM ---A couple pictures from my fall break trip:

Stop sign at the Panther Junction Visitors Center at Big Bend NP

Stuck at a temporary construction signal in the middle of nowhere, somewhere on TX 54 NB north of Van Horn

The opposite perspective from Max Rockatansky's picture of Guadalupe Peak. This was taken on the peak, and you can see US 62/180 snaking through the foothills, and in the background to the right you can see the straight line of TX 54 cutting through the wilderness.

The Conoco Tower Station in Shamrock, TX

--- End quote ---

Late October multi-day trip to the Richmond, VA area.

October 21, I-295 Southbound @ VA-5:

These 3 are all October 23, Mechanicsville, VA:

October 24, I-64 Eastbound just west of the exit on the sign:


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