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Acadia National Park's carriage road bridges



Some fantastic photos of the beautiful bridges in the carriage road system in Acadia National Park in Maine.

A few of my favorites below:

After seeing how much history gets obliterated in the name of transportation improvements (not all of which I'm opposed to of course!), it's nice to see some places that will probably stay the same for as long as it's feasible for it to do so.  Not having to contend with auto traffic is definitely a help here (compare to the park loop roads and others like ME-102, 3, 198, and 233 which have had a ton of construction on the island!)

Wow, these are great!  I love to see old stone bridges still in use.  jim

I've been there 5 times, and the beauty of that place never ceases to amaze me.  The carriage roads were built by the Rockefellers, who owned about 75% of what became Acadia.

Anonymity Lane:
I think this one is cool looking:


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