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Southeast / Re: Cape Fear Memorial Bridge
Last post by snowc - Today at 06:59:53 PM
Quote from: RoadPelican on June 18, 2024, 01:12:58 PM
Quote from: The Ghostbuster on June 16, 2024, 10:47:34 AMI have read that the western terminus of the new bridge's roadway is/was to end at the Interstate 140/US 17 western interchange. Is this accurate? Even if it is, I doubt the 140 designation will be extended.

Yes, this was under a project called "Cape Fear Skyway" it would have extended the current I-140 that ends in Leland and take it around the southern edge of Leland and over the Cape Fear River and connect to Independence Blvd between Carolina Beach Road and River Road.

The project was canceled by NCDOT in 2019. Too expensive especially with all the right of way needed to be purchased on the Brunswick County side and too many other needed road projects in Wilmington.
And the skyway was considered going to be possibly I-740.  :D
I'm not aware of any.  But there is County Route S80 and lots of roads signed as "Old Highway 80."
Are there any Historical US 80 signs along US 80's former alignment through California?
Considering this took a solid twenty hours to research I'm hoping that I don't have to write another monster article like this again.  That said, there is some interesting takeaways:

-  It seems US Route 80 was extended to Point Loma after Camino del Rio and Alvarado Canyon Road were annexed into Legislative Route Number 12.
-  Much of what became I-8 in San Diego was planned way back in 1934.
-  The Mountain Springs Grade became a franchise toll road during the 1870s. 
-  For unclear reasons California never bothered to submit an application to extend I-8 west of Interstate 5.  What is signed as I-8 west of I-5 isn't on the FHWA mileage log.
-  I knew about the Division of Highways trying to swap the numbers for I-8 and I-10, but I figured it was worth highlighting here.

Anyways, here is the article header and link:

"The historic corridor of US Route 80 and Interstate 8 through the borderlands of southern California share a largely mutual history.  Both highways originated in the city of San Diego and departed the state at the Colorado River into Yuma, Arizona.  Both highways share numerous famous geographical components such as the Mountain Springs Grade and Algodones Sand Dunes.  This article serves as a comprehensive history of the combined US Route 80/Interstate 8 corridor in California from the tolled stage route era of the nineteenth century to the development of the modern freeway. 

The blog cover photo features US Route 80 along the Mountains Springs Grade through In-Ko-Pah Gorge during late 1920s.  This photo is part of the Caltrans McCurry Collection."
Northeast / Re: New York
Last post by The Ghostbuster - Today at 06:47:34 PM
If the Thruway were to ever convert to mileage-based exits, whichever direction the exits are numbered, they should be continuous with the Major Deegan Expressway. The Thruways' exits should not restart when it becomes the Major Deegan Expressway or vice versa.
Southeast / Re: Florida
Last post by ElishaGOtis - Today at 06:46:49 PM
Quote from: Sani on June 12, 2024, 05:37:45 PM
Quote from: 1995hoo on June 11, 2024, 10:54:29 AMWe took US-41 west from Broward County across the state yesterday because we weren't in a hurry and I just didn't feel like dealing with the aggressive drivers on I-75. I have to say it was a very pleasant way to go, especially once we got past Shark Valley, because there was almost nobody on the road. I passed a clump of three slow-moving cars somewhere near Shark Valley and one other car sometime later, but other than that, once we passed Shark Valley I had the cruise control set at 65 mph and I seldom had to do anything. I would absolutely go that way again if I'm not in a hurry. My brother-in-law thinks I'm nuts, told me I went the wrong way and that US-41 is dangerous (but he didn't have a reason why).
I think he doesn't understand simply wanting to use a different road I had never used before.

I wonder if by "dangerous" he meant that the risk of a head-on collision is higher on US 41 because it's a two-lane road. I think most of Alligator Alley has cable barriers in the median, but don't hold me to that. (Correcting myself as I type this comment: FDOT installed cable barriers along the sides of Alligator Alley to keep cars from ending up overturned in the canals and swamps that run alongside the roadway, but as far as I can tell from my Google searches and looking at Street View, there are no barriers installed in the median except for guardrails on the approaches to bridges.)

Maybe speaking of the risk of colliding with animals?

Quote from: 1995hoo on June 11, 2024, 10:54:29 AMI just didn't feel like dealing with the aggressive drivers on I-75.

I don't blame you, as even the DMS's will admit this is the case. I saw one for I-75 NB that suggested it would take 22-25 minutes to travel 29 miles to the Collier County Line.
Pacific Southwest / Re: California
Last post by cahwyguy - Today at 06:42:06 PM
Quote from: Plutonic Panda on Today at 05:25:30 PMI still don't understand how Orange County gets away with all of the expansions they are doing.

Probably because they were approved and in the process before the law. Typically, laws only impact approvals after the law takes effect.
Weather / Re: The Wildfires thread
Last post by bing101 - Today at 06:39:42 PM
Northeast / Re: Underappreciated Aspect of...
Last post by roadman65 - Today at 06:20:36 PM
The NJ Turnpike did right by only having two interchanges in the Delaware Valley area specifically Camden area. It kept development down to two places and any development in between is limited to local interstate 295.

Many cities sadly build bypasses which open the eyes of commissioners and greedy real estate moguls to use to their advantage to profit.

The scene in Back To School where Thornton Mellon gave the snobbish Professor a 101 in business is accurate.  He stated real business men bribe their way to doing things and that is correct. The professor and his teaching the business world is legit Eisenhower a fantasy. Yes it's the right way, but not what's happening. 

A real legitimate business does need to be built in fantasyland as we live in a crooked society.

Enough rant, but I have to say that NJ did proactively do something right in the alignment placement of their freeway.
Off-Topic / Re: 24/7 OTA cartoon channel c...
Last post by Big John - Today at 05:59:50 PM
A new station in Green Bay is now on the air carrying Channel 31 with MeTV as it's content.

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