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Hey all. I started a YouTube channel a few months ago that some of you may dig. It's called Control City Freak and it's about, well, control cities. Working my way through the 2dis right now, just got to 25.

New update, I-27.//

Like your channel and agree  :cool: with most of your choices of what cities to post on signs, and for sure using Limon CO is a joke!  :banghead: :spin:

Like I've said:  Discussions about control cities make me reach for my revolver.

Good videos; however, I am going to forewarn you about Illinois control cities.  IDOT uses two tiers of control cities very consistently.  One is a primary control, used at interstate to interstate junctions; and the other is a secondary control, used everywhere else outside the City of Chicago.  As an example, I-55 has primary controls of St Louis and Chicago, with secondary controls of Joliet, Bloomington, Springfield, and East St Louis.

As for worst control cities, I'm surprised "Interstate 57" on I-24 isn't above Limon.


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