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What the names of the streets that form the baselines in your city? These are the axes that serve as the zero points for addressing and probably also serve to divide the city into quadrants. Where these two streets intersect, the buildings on the corners could all theoretically have the address 1.

I'd like to limit this to larger cities so we can learn something that might come in handy about the US's major cities, so if you live in a town of less than about 100,000 please pick the nearest large city. Knowing this fact about Wichita, KS might be useful some day, but learning Wellington, KS's street grid probably won't be.

In Oklahoma City, these streets are Reno Avenue (east-west) and Santa Fe Avenue (north-south).

Amarillo:  Polk Street (n-s) is the east-west divider between the SW/NW and SE/NE streets, while the BNSF rail yard alignment along the north side of the downtown core is where the NW/NE streets and SW/SE streets divide up.  West of where the BNSF turns northwestward, it's just an imaginary line.  For example, along McMasters St., going north after passing SW 1st the next street would be NW 1st (,-101.8608757,17z?hl=en-US&nogmmr=1 ); but according to Street View, the address numbers change in that area at SW 1st.

(When I lived up there, the common vernacular, as well as most street sign blades, referred to SW streets as 'West' and the SE ones as 'East'; now, apparently, the city is trying to emphasize the SW/SE version more)

Jacksonville is interesting.. NS baseline is Main St from downtown north.. South of downtown it is  the St Johns River.. The East West  baseline in variable.. Near downtown it is is the St Johns River.. West of downtown its Beaver St.. East of downtown its Atlantic Blvd..

Unlike Miami-Dade or Gainesville/Alachua its not a numbered grid.

Four closest 100000+ cities (ordered by distance away from me): Lowell MA, Manchester NH, Cambridge MA, Boston MA. The first three are all barely above 100000 people, and there are no quadrants or obvious baseline streets in any of those four cities. Of the four, only Manchester NH has an obvious grid.

Gainesville/Alachua County Florida the baselines are: NS Main St. EW University Ave. There are also diagonal Streets named after the towns they head to ( Archer Rd, Waldo Rd, Newberry Rd. Hawthorne Rd )

It's interesting how the grid spread from Miami to Gainesville.. Bradford County( Starke) and Columbia County (Lake City) adopted the grid but other places did not.. When my mom was a kid Gainesville had named streets, the sign blades in Gainesville have the historic names


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