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--- Quote from: agentsteel53 on January 21, 2009, 01:28:06 AM ---oh it's got no median through the town?

I just remember taking a bunch of the rural side streets looking for yellow 301s.  I remember there were a few in that general area; dunno if any where in Starke.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, through town it loses the median.  And the right-of-way is not wide enough there to facilitate the six-laning alternative.  Additional ROW would have to be acquired and businesses would have to be bought out.

And as far as any colored US 301 shields, there are none in Starke but there is one set north of town near Lawtey.


I had forgotten where that one was.  Lawtey sounds about right.

Yes, it's located about a mile or so south of Lawtey.

Switching highways but in the same general area, I have received word from FDOT that the new signage to convert the eastern half of the Jacksonville Beltway from Florida 9A to I-295.  The bids are suppose to go out this September and the signage will be in place by sometime in 2010.  Also, once completely signed as I-295, the beltway will be split into the I-295 West Beltway and I-295 East Beltway with I-95 being the divider.  Exit numbers are already painted onto the off ramps on the eastern side but according to FDOT these may not be the final numbers (but I think they would be since they went ahead and marked them).  The only interchange that has exit tabs on the eastern half is at I-95 (heading westbound on 9A) and its exit number is 61.

In keeping in the Jacksonville vicinity, I would really love to see a short extension of I-10 from its current end at I-95 pushed south and east to Florida A1A via the JT Butler Boulevard expressway (Florida 202).  All that would need to be done is to reconfigure the interchange at I-95 and Florida 202 to facilitate high speed movements between north/southbound I-95 and east/westbound Florida 202.  And JTB is currently undergoing a project going from four lanes to six lanes (Kernan Boulevard east to San Pablo Road).  If the interchange at I-95 can be upgraded, then I-10 could be extended and thus, be a true coast to coast interstate, almost literally touching both oceans.


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