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The Iowa Department of Transportation has re-designated part of I-680 to I-880 between I-29 near Loveland and I-80 near Neola.


A bit of discussion over the past couple weeks on another thread.

That's interesting, but makes sense.

Is Iowa DOT planning any changes at the I-680 and I-80 (Crescent) interchange? I thought I remember reading about a modification, but I can't find it, and am also tired.

I'm still not sure why they did this.  A flooding event is an emergency situation whereby temporary detour signs need to be posted to cover the area affected.  Standard routings should not IMO be changed for such a reason.

So now instead of having a I-680 alternate/bypass to I-80 thru the Omaha area, 3 different routes need to be followed.   Why?


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