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2021 Wilmington, DE Road Meet - 7/17/21

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--- Quote from: roadwaywiz95 on July 19, 2021, 03:37:00 PM ---The aerial meet photos (and some other things from the day) are available now on the FB event page. Cheers!

--- End quote ---

Not visible, on the part of the event page I can view as a non-FB user. Can at least the photos be posted here, too?

I liked the aerial meet photo posted for the Quad Cities meet, which was better than my own so I didn't post mine. In this case, the aerial shots might better show the people in the back rows, who can be hard to see in a photo taken at ground level. So I'm curious whether we indeed got that benefit.

The photo would either have to be public (it is) or hosted on a third party server.

Thank you, RoadwayWIZ, for holding the meet.  It was a great meet in my opinion and I look forward to you hosting another.  :cool:

A video from a YouTube user "Roadways of Delaware" from this meet is in my recommendations after I saw a previous video covering Dover to Rocks State Park in my area of Maryland.

Yes, it was a great meet - my only constructive criticism is that it could have been a bit more organized when getting into cars (the system where the drivers stand off to one side and people line up behind them seems to work well for large groups); it felt like in school where the teacher assigns a group project, people just glance each other, and suddenly everyone has formed groups before one even has a chance to ask (I had some thoughts before the meet, but nothing firm enough to not be affected by how things shake out).  Other than that, excellent meet!  It was wonderful to do a regular overnight roadmeet again for the first time since 2019.

I got back to NY last night tired after a long drive back.  I think Google does a particularly bad job forecasting travel times around the DC area; it took me significantly longer to move though the first half of my trip as a result (the second half through PA and NY went as predicted, aside from having to stop after my check tire pressure went on; I hope that this was just low pressure due to normal leakage from all the driving combined with the 20-30 degree temperature drop from Friday/Saturday to Sunday and not an issue that needs to be addressed).  I had a similar issue with my Florida trip three years ago, where the day that went through DC went long by a larger amount than the other days (that trip actually caused me to change how I estimate time, and I'm now normally accurate down to the minute; the other major exception actually being my drive to the meet, which I attribute to bridge construction and crashes).  I had attributed that to the heavy rain on and off that day, but clearly there is more to it than that.  I might also make a note to not drive significantly more than 8 hours on a leg of these overnight trips, as the adaptations for 9 hour drives were never fun and are less fun now that I'm no longer used to that (the time even as quoted was 9 hours; I might have to do one more just to get Cumberland done as envisioned, or maybe I'll leave I-66 for another time).


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