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From my little* Sunday drive today, I finished my clinch of IL-176 and got this photo from the west end in Marengo.

* It was over 200 miles.

EDIT: Updated image link.

My trip to Colorado a month ago brought me to 5 different US highway ends.  The only one with an end marker was the western end of US24 near Leadville. (The other dud highway endpoints involved US34, US36, US84, and US550.)

CO-US24WT by Paul Drives, on Flickr

Max Rockatansky:
CA 183 END:

183CAend by Max Rockatansky, on Flickr

From some recent updates to AARoads:

Formerly posted at the west end of SR 64 in Holmes Beach. Shot on 10/15/07, gone after 2011.

The former west end of SR 72 at Siesta Key, shot on 06/11/21. Still marked AFAIK (as is the shared end with SR 758).

The east end of the western section of SR 54 at Land O' Lakes, shot two days before Hurricane Ian.


East End of AL 157.


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