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Okay, I figured I would start a quick thread to get the ball rolling. A couple of photos of two Illinois highways crossing over the Illinois River:

Illinois 89 crossing over the Illinois River just south of Spring Valley. Photo taken 05/07/10.

Northbound Interstate 39 crossing over the Illinois River along the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge. Photo taken 05/07/10.

Here's a 1914 pony truss over the Ouachita River on an ancient alignment of US 71 in Polk County, Arkansas.

I have a few bridge photos...

Commodore Barry Bridge (taken from old US 322 in Bridgeport, NJ):

Delaware Memorial Bridge:

mmm... Norway

Tjeldsund bridge (route E-10)

the bridge to the island of Hammerfest


US 271 Poteau River near Pocola, OK
Demolished April 2010   :-(


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