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One of my earliest road memories was of a trip I took with my parents from North Fort Myers, FL to Kerrville, TX back when I was 5. I actually remember using the 1980 Rand McNally road atlas while my dad drove and I remembered the exact route we took to get there and back!!. Some of my memories included seeing some of the construction on the then unfinished Interstate 75 south of Tampa (I remember going on US 301 and seeing the silhouettes of the support structures for the overpass over 301 and over the Manatee River). I remember riding along Interstate 10 in Mobile and going through the George Wallace tunnel and exiting onto US 90 at the Alabama/Mississippi border when Interstate 10 was not finished. I remember staying at a Days Inn that had a burned down restaurant in the front in Baton Rouge near the 10 bridge over the Mississippi. I was fascinated by that bridge because it reminded me of the old Sunshine Skyway (before the May 9, 1980 accident). I remembered going through Houston and San Antonio along I-10 when the route had less lanes through both cities. I could go on and on...

Because it's been so long, I don't remember my first memories.  But I do remember telling my mother which way to go in Syracuse and Corning, when I was about 8 years old!  She didn't listen to me, and ended up going the wrong way both times!

I was around 10, took a road trip with my family to Grand Forks, ND to visit my sister.

I've done many trips since then. Niagara Falls numerous times. Went to the Atlantic Ocean once (when I was 17). And in '07, did a 10,473 mile trip around the U.S.


Urban Prairie Schooner:

--- Quote from: flaroadgeek on February 09, 2009, 11:39:19 PM ---I remember staying at a Days Inn that had a burned down restaurant in the front in Baton Rouge near the 10 bridge over the Mississippi.
--- End quote ---

Was this place on the east side of the river? If so, that place is certainly long gone. I wonder if this is the same hotel as the Prince Murat Hotel on Nicholson Drive which was later left abandoned and was then razed in 2007 or whereabouts.

My first roadtrip memory is of a childhood trip to Florida to visit (you guessed it) D*sn*y W*rld around 1986. I remember the George Wallace Tunnel in Mobile and the I-10 bridge over Mobile Bay, signage for "Tampa" on I-75, and an interchange which was apparently some sort of U-turn on the freeway. I also remember seeing signs for I-4, and the commercial strip on (presumably) US 192 in Kissimmee which, at the time, was under some sort of construction (widening?). That's about the extent of it.

I also remember a 1991 trip to north La. where I-49 was still incomplete in Shreveport and Alexandria. I also remember thinking that Shreveport's street name signs heavily resembled Houston's.

I remember when I was 3 or 4 we were on a road trip to Toronto and I was following where we were on a map and I drew a black permanent line where we drove and where ever the black line touched that area was destroyed.  :-P


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