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Planned Freeways?

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I doubt Oregon even has any future freeways planned.  The state is so anti-freeway (our widest highway is the 6 lane I-5) that I doubt anything will happen in the near future. I'd personally like to see the US 97 corridor upgraded to an eventual I-7.


--- Quote from: DukeOfURL on February 09, 2009, 06:40:09 AM ---They've been talking about that for years, but I see no indication that it's actually gonna happen, though it would be very welcome, it would also kill the economy of Willits.

--- End quote ---

Jack in the box can survive with one less store...

Well, according to the Caltrans web page for the project,, they have funding for a two-lane highway on the proposed alignment, and construction is set to begin in 2010.  The ultimate plan is to upgrade it to a full four-lane freeway once additional funding is secured.  And Caltrans seems to think that it has the support of the residents and all the necessary politicos of the area.  Or maybe that's just spin.   :spin:

Well, like I said before, as someone who lives in a nearby town, it would be welcome, and if it has the support of the locals, great.

Even if locals resist it, there is a huge traffic problem in downtown.


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