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Unbuilt Freeway in Tacoma WA. SR7/I705


Does anyone have any information on this supposedly unbuilt freeway in Tacoma WA itís signed as SR7 but would have it been an extension of I705? it looks like it probably would have connected to SR512 if it was built, iíve driven on this a few times over the years and have always wondered about the stubs. Since i canít find really any info on this supposedly unbuilt freeway i was hoping someone might know the original plan for this and what happened.

The Mountain Freeway (SR 7) would have followed the Tacoma Rail corridor down to at least SR 512 (if not beyond). Plans were drawn up in the 1960s but never went anywhere due to being a low priority. There is still WSDOT-owned land at where the SR 7/512 interchange would have been.

It would not have been an extension of I-705, as it was a separate mess of its own that didn't get serious looks until the 1970s.

Thatís really interesting, i never would have thought that was built before I705 thank you for sharing your knowledge Bruce.

This mid-1970s Gousha map shows the SR 7 interchange as a done deal, a full cloverleaf for a grey residential street, and missing the actual ramps to and from East 512 on existing 7.  The state did grade out the interchange, and you can still see it if you look carefully.


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