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Anyone traveling to see the 2023 eclipse?

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US 89:
We drove to southern Utah for the 2012 annular eclipse. That was fun, but I don't see myself chasing any nontotal solar eclipses again unless the drive is a few hours or less. Given I live in Florida, that obviously isn't a possibility for this one.

Of course, that 2012 eclipse experience was soured by the fact that I came down with strep throat on the way back. I was sitting in the back of the car, in construction and eclipse-induced traffic jams, shivering with a fever under whatever blankets or sweaters we happened to have on hand and trying to hold in my barf until we got home. That was a miserable few hours. I remember how sad I was as we inched past the milepost 200 sign on I-15 knowing full well that meant I needed to last at least another two hours in the car...

Kicking off a multi-day drive through the Southwest by viewing the ring of fire from Albuquerque :nod:


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Be sure you make the correct left turn  :-D


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--- Quote from: webny99 on September 22, 2023, 03:20:42 PM ---If you're referring to the April 2024 eclipse, we have multiple threads about that already (merge, perhaps?):

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Different eclipses. The 2023 one is annular, not total.,_2023

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OK, makes sense. Only reason I thought it might be the other eclipse is because Texas will be a popular viewing destination for that one, too.

An admittedly not particularly good picture of the eclipse projected onto my cabinets.


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