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Except for one bridge, CR 3/3 is still at least 18ft wide through the Greenland Gap/Nature Conservancy area.

As for Corridor H, it crosses CR 3/3 near Greenland Gap, but in that area, Corridor H is actually being built north-south, along the north-south leg of Scherr Rd (CR 1), and then south along what was CR 42/3.  You can see construction on a high level bridge from the CR 1/CR 3/3 intersection.

Between CR 5 and CR 3, the corridor is about halfway between CR 3/3 and CR 3/4...closer to CR 3/3 on the east end, but closer to CR 3/4 on the west end.

A couple miles north of Scherr, you can see where the connector to WV 93 is being built.

One of these days, I should post my photos of Corridor H construction from Grant and Hardy Counties online...

The easiest way to get a major upgrade done to Corridor H and show considerable progress is to twin WV 93. Except for the portion around the lake, there appears to be ample ROW to add two lanes since the whole route passes through what appears to be a reclaimed surface mine.

SP Cook:
It would seem to me that the rest of Corridor H, which is unfunded (the red and yellow parts on this map ) would be an easy toll road.  The vast majority of traffic on that section is not going to be daily commuters who are the people disadvantaged by toll roads.  They are going to be people out of Huntington-Charleston or out of state going to the ski resorts, or people using the road as a throughway to and from the DC metro (if you look at a map, a completed H is a good way into DC from much of the midwest and upper south).  So you eliminate at grades and start a fully limited road at Kerens, with an exit for WV 72, one for US 219 and WV 32, one at Bismarck and end at Scheer.  This would get H finished in whatever amount of time the construction takes (other than the section from Wardensville to the VA line for which funding can be found, and the VA sections, which is a tempest in a teapot, VA will build it). 

Was Corridor H originally supposed to go to Cincinnati?

I found this editorial in the Charleston Gazette that reads.

However, one impediment remains. East-west Corridor H from Weston to the Virginia border is only half-finished -- after 40 years of work. The freeway intended to link Cincinnati and the nation's capital still is interrupted by stretches of old-style two-lane torment.

I was unaware of this. 

I'm glad to hear about Corridor H- on my revamping of the interstate system in If You Controlled the Highway System , I felt I-74 or I-66 could be extended through West Virginia for a route to Cincinnati , Columbus, and Richmond. What's this obsession about US 48? Should US 48 reappear because I-68 took its place. We might as have the AASHTO  take over a bunch of state and county roads and call it US 66.


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