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Kelly Drive, in Philly; new signs are up warning speeders that a signal ahead will change. Will be interesting to see if there is any positive effect, or as some of the comments indicate; cars already speeding will speed-up to try to beat the cycle.

--- Quote ---In an attempt to slow everybody down, the city has installed sensors in the roadway that determine the speed of vehicles approaching Fountain Green, about a half-mile north of the Girard Avenue Bridge.
--- End quote ---

Full article:

Could also see a new choke point for the road...

^^ That's asinine.  A better solution would be to set the signals to a specific speed go one can go through all of them on green at that speed.


--- Quote from: Brandon on November 19, 2013, 12:39:52 PM ---^^ That's asinine.  A better solution would be to set the signals to a specific speed go one can go through all of them on green at that speed.

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There are other streets (more in the grid) that are set that way. I seem to remember reading that one or more parts of California tried something like this too, but ultimately gave up. It said in the article that this concept is used overseas, I wonder if any US-based research was performed...

From this week's edition of  Town Talk.

--- Quote ---The Ridley Township Commissioners got some good news at their Oct. 22 meeting  when it was announced  that after more than 20 years of prodding PennDOT for action,  the troublesome east bound off-ramp from the Blue Route to East MacDade Boulevard will soon be a thing of the past..

State Rep. Joseph Hackett (R 161 District) reported to the commissioners that PennDOT has approved the reconfigurement of the east-west bound off ramps to MacDade Boulevard from I-476 that will eliminate the short merge ramp to East MacDade Boulevard, dubbed the "death ramp" by township police because of the numerous accidents that have occurred  at the ramp.
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--- Quote ---The plans call for both east and west bound MacDade Boulevard traffic to continue on the off-ramp for west bound traffic. The west bound lane will curve to the right to MacDade, just as it does now, while the east bound traffic will continue on a ramp to a traffic light on MacDade for a left turn.

The blinking traffic light on MacDade Boulevard now for traffic entering the Blue Route northbound will be converted to an active traffic signal controlling cars entering the Blue Route and exiting the Blue Route east bound on MacDade.
--- End quote ---

I guess extending the merge along eastbound MacDade Blvd. wasn't considered.  IMHO, that would've been a better and possibly cheaper solution.

The downside I see with this reconfiguration will be that there will be more traffic stopped at red lights than there are today.  Anybody who's used I-476 north from I-95 knows that the mainline I-476 backs up onto I-95.  The exit to MacDade Blvd.'s often used as an escape ramp from the gridlock.  The intent of the original ramp configuration was for exiting traffic from I-476 North would not have to stop prior to getting on MacDade.

This new set-up, slated to be done by 2016-17 2017-18, could mean that the current MacDade off-ramp will be backed up... unless the plans call for widening the cloverleaf portion to 2-lanes (one for each direction).  Such wasn't mentioned in the article and unfortunately, no graphic/sketch of what the alterations would look like are included. 

Granted, those from the area or use this interchange have a pretty good idea of what the changes will entail.

Difficulty with extending the merge along eastbound MacDade is the wooded slope immediately adjacent to the sidewalk.

Difficulty with widening the loop ramp is that part of it has a bridge over Crum Creek.

No good or easy solution here.


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